Complete Breakdown Of DS Domination PRO

The DS Domination PRO training/software package comes at a cost of just $19.95 and this gives you full access to the training, tools, resources, software and equipment. PRO is designed to teach newbies how to build a successful business on eBay by drop shipping using Amazon as a supplier. By becoming a member, you will get instant access to a complete video training series put together by Roger (a top rated titanium power seller). Watch over his shoulder as he shows you how to successfully drop ship from Amazon and sell on eBay, step by step.


Furthermore, as a PRO member, you can also enjoy the advantage of getting ongoing training with the live weekly webinar meetings. Each webinar is packed with little golden nuggets and more training which will help you expand your knowledge and get ever so closer to that goal of becoming a professional drop shipper.

However, as a PRO member, not only are you going to get full access to the training series but you will also be able to take advantage of some must have software/tools. These include:

A Title Builder

The title builder tool is designed to help you to title your eBay listings in the correct way. It will give you ideas/suggestions. Titles are absolutely VITAL when it comes to attracting viewers/watchers and making sales on eBay. This tool makes the title creation process easy.

Image Cropper

Quite often you will find that when copying images from Amazon and uploading them onto an eBay listing, sometimes the images will be too small. Therefore, this image cropper tool will allow you to easily re-size images in a just few clicks of the mouse button to ensure they comply with eBays requirements.

Amazon Item Scraper

With the Amazon item scraper tool, in the click of a mouse button, you will be able to scrape Amazon and get detailed information/analytical data on certain items. Simply type in a keyword like ''Kettle'' for example, hit the search button and the software will start scraping Amazon. It will then return a list of items plus in depth data about them, this includes; reviews, current prices, price changes, ratings and more. This tool is extremely useful for when it comes to finding items to sell.

DSD Insights

DSD insights is a new suite of powerful tools that has just recently launched. An extension to the already existing ones. In just a few seconds, you can connect your ds domination account up to your eBay account and pull a bunch of vital data at the same time. Once your accounts are connected, you will be able to managed your business much more efficiently.

The process of tracking sales, processing orders and calculating profits/fees will be 10x easier. It will also allow you to keep on top of orders that have been processed and orders that have yet to be processed. Furthermore, determining your best selling/most profitable items is a walk in the park thanks to the reports section of the tool. It's the ultimate listing management tool.

However, the fun with ds domination insights does not stop there because they have also just recently released….

Listing Integration – Price/Stock Management Tool

Part two of the launch of DSD insights saw the release of the listing integration/price + stock management tool. This mind blowing, revolutionary and innovative software has gave us members the competitive advantage over other drop shippers. I feel sorry for those that do not have this tool as it is an absolute essential if you want to be a successful drop shipper.


As you probably already know, Amazon changes the prices of millions of items on a daily basis. Furthermore, being such a popular website, items frequently run out of stock. For a drop shipper, this is a real pain in the neck. There is nothing worse that selling an item that has either an out of stock or increased significantly in price. This could quickly lead up to a stack of losses or even worse, a flow of negative feedbacks and angry customers which is more than damaging to your business.

The good news is that the DSD price/stock management software will completely eliminate that issue. Again, in the simple click of a mouse button, you can import all of your active eBay listings. The software will then automatically start to monitor prices and stock quantity’s on Amazon. All you need to do is set the minimum amount of profit you want to make and if Amazon raises their price, the tool will automatically change your eBay listings price on your behalf. How incredibly awesome is that?

But wait, there's even more! Not only will this tool monitor prices but it will also keep track of stock. If an Amazon item runs out of stock, this software will automatically take your eBay listing down and you don't even need to lift a finger. Yes, you read that correctly, the software will take your listing down and prevent you from selling an item that you cannot have shipped. Now that's extremely powerful stuff to say the least.

The amount of time, money and effort this little tool will save you is well and truly worth the price tag in itself. It really does put your stock/price management efforts on complete autopilot and ensures you make a profit on each and every sale. No more selling items that have ran out of stock or raised in price. Problem solved.

Learn more and get in depth information on the price/stock management system here!

So in conclusion, with ds domination pro, not only do you get access to a proven to work educational video training series but you also get set up with a suite of must have tools. Tools that will allow you to fast track your way to success and become a successful, profitable and established drop shipper.

All that value for the ridiculously low price of just $19.95 per month. Now that's what I call a no-brainer decision. If your serious about building a business with drop shipping, you would be MAD not to get involved ds domination. Keep in mind, you also get access to these tools as an Elite member.

You'd also be even madder not to join the company through my fast track team because I have put together a team training room that is literally flooded with extra training, videos, information, tips, tricks and resources. I am also committed and dedicated to ensuring all of my team mates get the help, support, guidance and advice they deserve. You can learn more about what me and my team has to offer by clicking here.

Or to get rocking and rolling right now, simply click the button below and follow the on-screen instructions to get signed up!

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