Breakdown Of The DS Domination Products

The DS Domination products are both powerful and packed full of value, in fact, set at ridiculously low rock bottom prices, these products could easily be worth thousands of dollars each considering the amount of information they reveal. As we all know, knowledge is power in this world and these educational training courses will certainly give you the knowledge you need to start running your own profitable eBay business.


However, it isn’t all about eBay, as you progress through the courses and get into the more advanced training, you will be taught all about the different aspects involved with drop shipping including using other sources/suppliers and even selling products on other sites aside from eBay.

It really is the complete solution, ideal for newbies who have no previous experience in the industry and are looking for a simple to follow, direct, step by step action plan to start making profits with drop shipping as soon as possible. In fact, thousands of beginners have already managed to harness the value of the DS Domination products to finally earn income online, most for the very first time ever.

Yes, you do have the option of going at things alone and trying to make some profits, however, it’s important for you to understand that there is a lot more to drop shipping than just listing products on eBay. You need to avoid those most common and crucial mistakes newbies make in order to achieve success and the DS Domination Products can help you to do exactly that.

DSD has two main monthly membership levels and also three one time buy products, each designed to tackle a different area of drop shipping, some more in depth and advanced than others. The courses include; PRO, Elite, Unleashed, Monopoly and Market Xtreme.

DS Domination PRO (ONLY $19.95 Monthly)

ds-domination-proWith the DSD PRO membership, which is the most basic entry level at a cost of $19.95 monthly. This is the level most people decide to initially join at, then once they get used to the process, build up an eBay seller account and start making profits, they progress to the more advanced courses.

With PRO, you will learn everything from; finding hot products to sell, using sources/suppliers, marking up products the right way to maximize profits, calculating eBay and paypal fee’s, ordering from suppliers, dealing with limits, handling customers, listing items in a way that will attract the most amount of views and even how to get around the most common hurdles.

Roger will take you through the entire process from finding items to sell, to listing and ordering them in a series of step by step videos. If you don’t already know, Roger is the founder of DS Domination and he is an expert when it comes to eBay and drop shipping in general. Watch over his shoulder as he makes it simple for even the most in experienced user.

The DSD PRO membership also comes with plug in and play software’s to help you build your business more efficiently, including:

  • Amazon Scraper: A tool that automates the process of doing research on particular Amazon products/items
  • Automated Title Builder: A tool that automates the Ebay listings title building process and provides you with recommendations and ideas.
  • Image Resizer: A software that allows you re-size product images in order to include them on your listings.
  • Sales Tracker Spreadsheet: This excel sales tracking spreadsheet is designed to help you keep track of your business, in the right way.

You will also get access to all pre-recorded live webinars that are jam packed with yet more valuable training, hints and tips. Here you will also have the option to opt in and be updated and invited to attend any future webinars, held on a bi-weekly basis on Wednesdays.

There are around 22 videos in total inside the DSD PRO membership, split up into different modules, the videos include:

  • Moving forward with Ebay drop-shipping
  • How to set up your Ebay selling account
  • Outside the United States members information
  • Listing your first item
  • Products to avoid
  • Listing anatomy & adjusting product images
  • Speeding up your listing
  • Titles and more on the drop shipper spider
  • Critical information
  • International item location
  • Why 18% fail and the pitfalls to avoid
  • Shipping from Amazon
  • What if Paypal is holding my money
  • Customer returns
  • Lifting Ebay limits
  • Multiple accounts on Ebay
  • Resolving problem orders
  • Extra video caution
  • Titles key to success
  • Ebay fee calculator
  • Amazon sales tax information

DS Domination Elite ($99 Monthly)

ds-domination-eliteThe DSD Elite training course is there for you when you are ready to take your business to the next level by increasing your profit margins and using other suppliers aside from Amazon. Inside Elite, you will also learn how to use tracking tools in order to properly manage your business. PRO will help you to kick start your new career in drop shipping and ELITE is here for when the time comes to turn things up a knotch.

Furthermore, you will get access to the eBay scrapper tool which eases the process of finding hot products considerably also saving you massive amounts of time. You will learn how to start making bigger profit margins in the range of $50 to $200 per item. In addition to this, DS Domination Elite comes with a special bonus which you can use to make an additional $300 – $500 per week.

Again, you will also get access to all of the previously recorded Elite live training webinars plus the chance to attend future events, held on Fridays. These webinars are packed with vital must know information which will help you expand your knowledge.

Some of the training videos from within Elite include:

  • How to supercharge Amazon
  • Beating the competition
  • It will cost you money not to use —
  • How to use —
  • Easily selling your Ebay items on —
  • — on steroids
  • You never lose / free money
  • Bonus Module: The International Bargain Cave
  • Crushing it with — in the UK
  • — for serious UK sellers who want serious profits
  • — has it all

Note: Brand names have been blocked out, you must buy Elite to unlock these secrets

DS Domination Unleashed ($249 ONE TIME)


Unleashed comes at the one time cost of $249 and it exposes yet more suppliers and sources for finding dirt cheap products to sell. You will also again find much more in depth training strategy’s. Customers generally purchase Unleashed on day 42 on average. Unleashed will also go into more on having products actually shipped out to you so you can send directly to the customers. This does of course come with the risk of buying them upfront, however, it allows you to buy super low and sell super high, squeezing out mega profits.

DSD Monopoly ($499)

Monopoly is a powerful part of the DS Domination products, it flips the entire process, rather then selling on eBay, it shows you how to start selling on Amazon. If you don’t already know, Amazon has much more buying hungry customers with credit cards at the ready. Amazon also has much less sellers, minimizing your competition and maximising your sales. Ebay on the other hand has both a ton of sellers and buyers.


With Monopoly, every aspect of selling products on Amazon is covered, there is a ton of in depth videos to get through, they include:

DS Domination Monopoly Overview

  • Setting up your Amazon account
  • How to list an item on Amazon
  • Ebay to — to Amazon
  • Finishing your listing
  • More Amazon listing surprises
  • Can you feel the money
  • Completing your order
  • Saving 25% on your purchases part 1
  • Saving 25% on your purchases part 2
  • Exploding Amazon profits with everything you already know
  • Get your UPC codes
  • Keywords for Amazon Listings
  • Coming attractions
  • Searching keywords for your product title
  • Creating your listing title key to success
  • Optimizing your Amazon description
  • Increasing your product rank with reviews
  • Optional rank booster with YouTube
  • Roger’s secret Amazon weapon
  • International Information
  • Supplier and techniques overview
  • Supplier and techniques using —
  • Supplier and techniques sourcing

DS Domination Market Extreme ($199 ONE Time)

Market Extreme is the last product of the line and it is specifically designed for those of you who are looking to profit from the affiliate side of the company. It will give you tips, training and advice on how to market the DSD program is order to start earning commission for introducing others. It comes with:

  • Lively landing pages that result in high conversions
  • The Ability to purchase HOT leads
  • Fully integrated websites


Market Extreme also comes with the Network Insights Online Marketing Program course. This contains a ton of information and training in areas such as Facebook marketing, Youtube marketing and using Craigslist to gain leads. It is specifically designed to help you to start attracting attention and gaining sales. It’s the ideal solution for newbies with no previous experience who are looking to take advantage of the affiliate opportunity. For more information on how the affiliate side works, visit the compensation plan page.

So there you have it, a detailed overview of the DS Domination products. However, keep in mind, that you are not required to buy all of the products to get started. In fact, most people start with PRO, make some profits and then upgrade to Elite later on down the line because that option is always open to you. Then, if you feel you are ready to take things to the next level, the one time buy courses are also there to purchase when and if you wish to.

DS Dominations products really are packed full of value but set at price points that everyone can afford, especially PRO. These products could easily be worth thousands of dollars each, purely because of the powerful education and knowledge they provide users with.

Also keep in mind, Roger, the creator of these products is a man who knows what he’s talking about. Following in his footsteps would be one of the smartest moves you can make.

So why are you still hanging around here, click the button and get signed up today! Or, contact me with any questions you have or visit the FAQS page.




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