Get A Sneak Peak Inside DS Domination PRO!

A Sneak Peak Inside DS Domination PRO!

DS Domination PRO is the first product of the company’s line which comes at a cost of $19.95 on a monthly basis. For this extremely affordable fee, you will get access to top quality training, tools, resources, software’s and equipment designed to help you to learn how to build a successful drop shipping business. It really is the complete package ideal for newbies to the industry.


In this post, I’m going to be giving you a sneak peak of what you can expect to find after purchasing DSD PRO. I will give you a detailed breakdown of the different modules and training videos plus explaining some of the awesome tools they have on offer.

Once you become an active paid member and after creating your username and password, you will be given instant access to the training resources. It’s important that you go over all of the training, before putting any of the methods and techniques into action. This is something I tell all of my new members to do.

Breakdown of the DS Domination PRO vidoes:

  • Your Mindset Moving Forward
  • Set-up eBay Account
  • Outside US
  • First Listing
  • Products To Avoid
  • Listing Anatomy and Adjusting Pictures
  • Speeding Up Your Listing
  • Drop-Shipping Spider
  • Critical Info
  • International Item
  • Avoid Pitfalls
  • Shipping From Amazon
  • Paypal
  • Customer Returns
  • Lifting eBay Limits
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Resolving Issues
  • Caution
  • Key To Successful
  • eBay Fee Calculator
  • Amazon Taxes
  • Amazon Analysis

As you can see, the PRO course covers absolutely everything there is to possibly know about running a drop shipping business using the Amazon to eBay technique. From listing items to tips on products to avoid and dealing with returns, it has it all. There is no course quite like it, however, if there was, I’m sure it would cost in the thousands.

It may look like a lot to get through but the videos are short, sweet and straight to the point. In fact, most members get through them within a couple of hours. Some people like to work through the course a good few times before putting their new found skills into action.

On top of the training videos, as a DS Domination PRO member, you will also get access to the title builder software. This makes the process of creating customer attracting titles for your listings so much easier. If you don’t already know, titles mean everything when it comes to selling on eBay. If you don’t perfect the title creation process, you will struggle to make any sales, that’s a fact.

As well as having the title builder tool, you will also get access to the picture cropper, brander and resizer which is another awesome software which will prevent you from tearing your hair out when you can’t find images of items that suit eBay’s requirements. After all, having good pictures of the items is another vital component of success.

Also keep in mind, as a DS Domination PRO member you will be able to register for and attend the weekly live training webinars which are always packed with extremely useful information. Don’t worry if you cannot make it for a certain time as all webinars and recorded and stored in the back office for later viewing. From tax advise to finding items to sell, the ongoing training is a valuable added benefit.

And don’t forget, if you join DSD through my fast track team you will also get access to the private team training area. Only the people who join me have access to this as it is literally overflowing with pure gold content and must know information. I will reveal some of my own personal techniques as well as highly useful resources for when it comes to things like; finding the hot sellers, tracking prices, attracting buyers, marking up items and much, much more. Visit the main page to learn more about my training room and what you get.

So there you have it. For just $19.95 per month, you get access to all of this incredible stuff. DSD lives up to it’s name, it is the ultimate training platform designed to teach average Joe’s how to completely dominate drop shipping.

Get signed up and started TODAY!




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