Peak Inside DS Domination Elite – Sky Rocket Your Profit Margins!

DS Domination Elite Review – Take Your Business To A Whole New Level!

When it comes to taking your drop shipping business to a whole new level, DS Domination Elite is exactly what you need. It’s no secret that the PRO training modules and the techniques revealed inside it really do work, many people, including myself are living proof of this. However, PRO was designed to get members through the door, used to the system and making profits as quickly as possible.

ds-domination-elite-trainingElite on the other hand, which is the next level of membership provides much more advanced training designed to help members increase their profit margins from $5 – $15 an item to $30, $40, $70 or even $100 an item. Most people start with PRO, make some profits then upgrade to Elite later on down the line when they are ready to start making the big bucks and feel more confident/knowledgeable in what they are doing.

 If you’re one of those people who thought DSD was solely focussed on the Amazon to eBay technique then you can think again. That’s just the very beginning. Yes, earning a $15 profit when you sell an item is awesome but just imagine how exciting it would be to pocket $50 or more from one single sale.

DS Domination Elite will teach you how to start harnessing other suppliers (around 8 in total) aside from Amazon in order to get quality products for much cheaper and therefore, sky rocket those profit margins. From wholesale clubs to using other well known retailers, this course covers it all. As a member, you get over the shoulder training from Roger and the gang which will show you how to start taking advantage of selling high ticket items. Items that will allow you to earn a much higher profit.

Not only that but by tapping into other suppliers, it will also allow you to start selling on both Amazon and eBay. When I said the Elite training was designed to take your business to a whole new level, I wasn’t kidding. The techniques you learn from within this course truly are mind blowing to say the very least. How awesome would it be to have income streams coming in from both Amazon and eBay?

On top of that, as a DS Domination Elite member, you will get access to some very powerful software tools that will help you to grow your business faster and run it much more efficiently/smoother than ever before. Tools that will make the process of drop shipping even easier than it already is.

This includes a proprietary scraping software tool that crawls ebay and other sites searching for profitable products to sell automatically for you. Type in a few keywords and in the push of a mouse button, the software will pull up a list of items displaying the exact amount they are currently selling for and the exact amount you can buy them for. How incredible is that? No more spending hours of your valuable time searching manually for good items to sell, this tool does it all for you.

Furthermore, DS Domination Elite also comes with the ultimate sales, price and stock tracker tool. We all know that as a drop shipper, it’s a real pain when items run out of stock, especially after you have sold them. Or even worse, when an item increases in price resulting in you making a loss instead of a profit.

Well fear no more because with this new price and stock tracker tool, you will be able to completely eliminate that problem for your business. Imagine being able to get instantly notified whenever an item runs out of stock or increases in price. That’s exactly what this tool can do, along with many other cool things. Track all of your listings and make sure you never run into the issue of prices increasing or stock running out ever again.

Check out this video as Roger shows you a quick demo of how the tracker works:

In conclusion, DS Domination Elite will not only help you to eliminate the most common problems drop shippers face with it’s innovative software tools but it will also teach you how to start using other suppliers to boost those profit margins by considerable amounts.

There is no denying that PRO has helped change thousands of lives by teaching people how to build up a decent amount of income, earning small but steady profits. But, when you are ready to start playing with the big boys and making some unbelievable profit margins, Elite is the place to be.

Considering that most people make a minimum of $30 profit per item with Elite, with a price tag of just $99 monthly, it’s more than worth it. In fact, there have been many testimonials from members who have made in excess of $70 in profit on one single item using the techniques this course taught them. Selling just one item a day would put you on track for some very decent income indeed.

Snap up DS Domination Elite today! Don’t wait for another second!





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