Find Wholesale Drop Shipping Suppliers & Products Using DSW Direct

drop shipping suppliersDrop shipping, aka product sourcing is a highly profitable business model when it’s implemented in the correct way. By not having to store stock or purchase inventory upfront, it gives literally anyone the ability to start their own ecommerce business with very little cash, if not no cash at all.

You don’t need any special skills, college degrees or top secret talents to make it work.

In fact, you could launch your very own eBay store or website without having a single product of your own. You also won’t find yourself worrying about the postage and packaging side of things. The drop shipping suppliers handles all of that.

You simple focus on the most important part, counting those cold hard, well deserved profits.

However, when it comes to starting your new found business, one of the first hurdles you’ll face is finding a reliable and legitimate drop shipping supplier to source the juicy goods from. After all, no products means no business. Working with a supplier that has a broad range of items to select from, a quick delivery service and fairly reasonable prices is essential.

Unfortunately, finding one that ticks all the correct boxes is an admittedly difficult quest.

Thankfully, in this article, I’m going to be pointing you in the direction of a website which you can use to get immediate and free access to a vast range of products and a huge network of legitimate drop shipping suppliers.

It’s time to kick start your business and get that ball rolling quicker than superman can change into his super cool suit.

You really are just a few clicks away from starting your own ecommerce business that will generate you profits for the long term.

Don’t quit on me yet and make sure you keep reading!

You can also put that credit card away because this won’t cost you a single cent.

Even though it may sound like it, this isn’t a sales pitch, it’s just the passionate words of a guy full of excitement and on the verge of exploding if he doesn’t share.

Introducing……DSW Direct

Originally started as a drop shipping supplier and wholesaler, DSW Direct quickly transformed into a marketplace and has now become what I would say is the number one location for finding drop shipping suppliers and products to sell.

The main reason why it’s become such a top dog in the industry is because their marketplace has been specifically tailored towards drop shipping and business to business trading. It’s a bit like eBay but just for finding goods to source.

Aside from having their own huge range of wholesale products, all of which are eligible to be drop shipped, the company also has a network of third party suppliers who sell their wholesale goods through the platform.

It’s completely free to join and membership will grant you access to the marketplace. You can instantly start finding and trading with drop shipping suppliers.

How it works is simple:

  • Join as a buyer for free
  • Choose products from the marketplace and list them on eBay or elsewhere
  • When a customer purchases something, they will pay you directly
  • You then go and buy the item through DSW Direct, keeping the profit of course
  • The item is sent right to your customer


What makes this company different from other websites or those dreaded and outdated directories is that all trading is done through the platform. You can source goods from multiple different suppliers without ever leaving the one primary website.

This also comes with the benefit of a humongous range to choose from. No matter what type of products you want to sell, you will find drop shipping suppliers that specialise in them. Pet supplies, you got it. Electronics, no problem. Kitchen tools, sure thing!

Furthermore, it also means that your location is no issue. The suppliers are from all over the world. Wherever you want to sell, you will find suppliers that ship to or are located there. Talk about a sweet set up.

The best bit is yet to come.

Most of the products on the marketplace, particularly DSW Directs own line are wholesale goods with unbelievably low profit generating prices attached to them.

The products are delivered to customers in unbranded and plain packaging. They also contain no receipts or paperwork. As far as your customer is concerned, the item was personally packaged and shipped by you or your company.

Suite Of MUST Have Tools

One of the other awesome things about this website is its innovative suite of must have tools that you can use to grow your business and run it smoothly.

Their extremely useful price and stock tracking system will ensure that you don’t end up selling a product that has ran out of stock or raised in price. There is nothing worse than having to cancel an order or mark down a loss because the product you sold has raised in price. This leads to all sorts of headaches.

Profit calculators, gift options and the ability to add your own promotional materials inside the packages are some of the other fantastic features this company has put in place.

Feature Overview:

  • Price & Stock Tracker
  • Profit Calculators
  • Gift & Promotions Option

Oh and did I mention the most exciting part? It’s FREE to join. Yes, FREE.

Unlike those directories that charge membership fees before you’re even able to access the suppliers or see the products on offer, you can join DSW Direct for free and start selling the goods and trading with the most legit drop shipping suppliers right away.

No strings attached. No hidden fees. No games.

Therefore, you can put that credit card away! Maybe save the cash for investing in advertising to gain sales.

In conclusion, if you’re serious about building a drop ship business, DSW Direct is the website to do it with.

Don’t hang around here for another unnecessary second.

Visit the website now.

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