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What Is Drop Shipping?

Quite simply, drop shipping is when you sell items/products without buying them upfront and without keeping any stock or inventory. Instead, when a buyer purchases an item, you transfer the customers order details to the supplier who in turn ships the products straight out to the customer.

So What Is DS Domination?

DS Domination is an educational training platform that helps newbies with no previous experience to master the art of drop shipping and eBay selling. Made up of video training modules, the courses teach beginners everything there is to know about building a profitable online eBay business. From setting up seller accounts to finding hot products to sell and listing them in a way that will attract buyers, the training covers it all.

Is Drop Shipping Allowed On eBay?

This is a great question and the answer is simple, drop shipping is completely allowed on eBay. In fact, thousands of people have been doing it as a full time career for many years now, including DS Domination founder Roger Langille. Don’t believe me? Read about It from the horses mouth: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/product_sourcing.html

How Do I Make Money With It

The way in which it works is simple, find hot items to sell from suppliers, list them as buy it now auctions on eBay for a higher marked up price. Then, when someone makes a purchase simple purchase the item from the supplier and input the buyers details such as home address. The supplier will then ship the item directly out to the customer.

How Much Can I Make?

The amount of income you can make varies depending on a lot of different factors including; what items you are selling, how much you are marking them up by, how many items you list and of course how much time you commit to building your business. Usually, drop shippers make around $5 – $15 or more in profit on each sold item. However, there are ways of increasing your profit margins, you will learn about all this in the DS Domination training modules.

Do I Have To Have An Established eBay account?

Absolutely not. Anyone can open their own eBay account and start drop shipping, however, keep in mind that with new accounts, there will be certain limitations to begin with until you have proven yourself to eBay and received some positive feedback from successful transactions. Again, learning how to raise limits will be covered in the training.

How Will I Get Paid?

The most popular way to get paid when one of your items sells on eBay is through PayPal. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, you will need to open a new one and go through a verification process after adding your bank and debit/credit card details in order to withdraw payments.

Why Do I Need DS Domination To Do This?

Well, that’s another great question. There is a lot to learn when it comes to building a successful and profitable eBay business with drop shipping. It’s not as easy as just listing items. DSD as it’s know for short was put together by a professional eBay power seller who in one year alone generated over $1.2 million in sales using the very same techniques he will share with you. You need to know what items to sell, how to find them, how to source them, how to calculate profits minus any eBay and PayPal fees, how to list them in a way that will attract the most views and in turn sales and how to get passed any bumps in the road such as eBay limits, returns and other issues. DS Domination will teach you everything in a simple to follow format, it will also help you to avoid all the most common career killing mistakes newbies make. It’s a must have if your serious about turning drop shipping into a success for the long term.

What Are The Different Products?

DSD has a variety of different educational products. Their PRO membership is the most basic and helps people to kick start their business and get into profit fast. They also have a higher Elite course which shows people how to increase their profit margin and start harnessing other suppliers to make bigger income. They also have three other one time purchase products. Visit the products page for a more detailed breakdown.

What’s The Affiliate Opportunity All About?

DS Domination has a very powerful affiliate earning opportunity that you can take advantage of. By introducing others to their products and training courses, you can start pocketing even more income. Visit the compensation plan page to learn more.

Why Does eBay Have Limits?

When you open a brand new eBay seller account, you will have a limit on how many items you can sell. These limits are to protect the safety of the community of buyers. Once you start to sell some items and get positive feedback from customers, getting these limits increased is not a hard task. Again, more on this is in the training.

What About The Fee’s

If you don’t already know, both eBay and PayPal have fee’s. That’s why when it comes to marking up your prices, you need to ensure you do it the right way in order to make the most amount of profit while still having a reasonable price point to keep your competitors on their toes and your customers happy. This is also something you will lean about in the training.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

To join DS Domination at the PRO level, it costs $19.95 per month, for Elite, it costs $99 per month. They also have three one time purchase courses, again visit the products page to learn about those and pricing. To become an affiliate in order to earn when introducing others, it’s an additional $9.95 per month.

Do I Need To Become An Affiliate?

Not at all, that’s the great thing about this program. You do not need to be an affiliate in order to get access to the training products. Once you start to achieve success with your eBay business, you can always activate the affiliate program for the cost of $9.95 monthly at a later date when you feel confident enough to introduce others. More on this at the compensation plan page.

Why Should I Join The Fast Track Team

The fast track team has everything you need to kick start your new business, you will also received advanced training from a professional internet marketer and SEO expert for when and if you decide to start promoting the program in order to earn affiliate commissions. You will get several different bonuses and extra trainings for joining my team, visit the main page to learn more.

Ok, How Do I Get Started?

Simply click the button below and you will be forwarded to the main DS Domination website where you can sign up and purchase the products you want. Shorty after, you will receive an email from me containing the password to the private fast track team training room.

I Still Have Questions, What Do I Do?

It’s normal to still have questions or concerns, simply contact me directly via any of the methods below or vist the help page. I’m always happy to help and I’m committed to providing a fast response time.




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