DS Domination Unleashes It’s Listing Intergration/Price + Stock Tracking Management Tool!

DS Domination Launches It's BRAND NEW Listing Integration/Price + Stock Tracking Management Tool

The time has come. I can hardy contain my excitement. DS Domination has released it's brand new listing integration/price + stock tracking management software system. This tool is going to completely eliminate the issue of items changing in price or running out of stock and help members to maximise their profits and minimize any loses. Quite frankly, I feel sorry for the drop shippers who don't have this tool as it gives those of us who do have it, a massive competitive advantage.


If you didn't already know, Amazon changes it's prices on a frequent and consistent basis. Items also regularly run out of stock. As a drop shipper, this can be a real pain in the neck as the last thing you want to do is sell an item that has raised significantly in price or ran out of stock. This can lead to losses stacking up or even worse, negative feedbacks. It's always disheartening to sell an item only to find out that it has raised in price or went out of stock on Amazon.

Thankfully, with the launch of this new listing price + stock tracking management tool, that problem has just been well and truly annihilated. In a few clicks of the mouse button, you can connect your DS Domination account up to your eBay account. You can then import all of your active eBay listings into your price management tool area.

From there, you can set the minimum amount of profit you would like to make for each of your items. This can be done in either a % on $ format. Once set, the software will then automatically, on your behalf, monitor the price and stock quanitity of the item on Amazon. If the item raises in price, the software will then automatically change the price of your eBay listing. All of the selling fees and sales tax calculations will be done in the background. All you need to do is set your desired minimum profit and the tool will take care of the rest. Or if one of the Amazon items run out of stock, the software will automatically end/take down your eBay listing preventing you from selling an item you cannot have shipped.

What's even more exciting about this tool is that, if you're an Elite member, you can also monitor the price of other suppliers aside from Amazon. Therefore, if you are drop shipping from other suppliers using the techniques learned inside DSD Elite for example, you also no longer need to worry about price changes or stock running out.

How awesome is that? Just image how much time, effort and money this little must have price/stock tracking tool will save you. It is an absolute essential for running a profitable drop ship business. When you get to the stage where you have thousands of items listed for sale, this new tool is going to be a massive help in ensuring you always make a profit on sales. Furthermore, it will also ensure you never sell an item that runs out of stock and you don't even need to lift a finger. Now that's powerful stuff. It's putting your entire stock/price monitoring efforts literally on auto-pilot. There is no other tool like it.

But how much extra will this new listing/price management tool cost you ask? Absolutely nothing. Yes, you read that correctly. Each and every member will get access to this tool, even the most basic $19.95 PRO users. There will be no extra of hidden charges. Furthermore, this is in addition to the DS Domination insights system which was launched only a short time ago.

When this incredible company first launched, they had one goal in mind, to be the leader in the world of drop shipping. One things for sure, they certainly got the name right because us members are going to completely dominate eBay more so than ever thanks to this powerful, innovative and ground breaking price/stock tracking tool.

If you're a member, make sure you login to your back office, watch the new training video and get testing out the price management tool right away. Or if you are still sitting on the fence debating whether or not to get involved, now is the time to take action and make it happen. You will be glad you did.

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Don't hesitate any longer, let's make it happen together!




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