DS Domination Releases NEW Training Videos

DS Domination Releases NEW Updated Training Videos – Urgent News

If you didn’t already know, eBay is rolling out some new changes this month that will affect all sellers. This includes upgrades to their selling standards and the release of a new hassle free returns feature. Therefore, just this week, DS Domination completely revamped both their PRO and Elite training courses by changing all the videos. The brand new training videos/tutorials are much more streamlined and up to date but more importantly, they fit in better with the upcoming eBay changes.


Furthermore, to make the program more internationally friendly, the corporate team has been working closely with leaders from around the world setting up training videos specifically designed for international sellers. From the Uk to Canada and Australia, now DSD is able to offer much more accurate training for international members. Those videos are currently in development and will be released at some point this weekend.

On August the 20th, eBay will be launching its new hassle free returns feature. This feature is designed to make the process of customer returns even soother than it already is. In the click of a mouse button, the customer can automatically generate a return label. As a drop shipper, the problem with this is, if you’re selling in the USA when you’re based in the UK, the last thing you want is to be hit with the postage return costs when a customer sends an item from the US back to the UK.

When a customer initiates a hassle free return, you will have to choose from a few options which include; allowing the customer to keep the item, paying the return postage or uploading your own return label. The good news is that you can simply upload the Amazon return label so as the customer can return the item directly to Amazon, with no cost to you. When the eBay changes come into place, DSD will be sharing a training video which will show you how to deal with any hassle free returns.

The company is constantly on top of things, releasing new changes/updates when necessary. It’s another reason why become a member is essential if you want to be a successful drop shipper. Having the backing and support of experts is priceless. Some other awesome new changes are also coming.

Monopoly members can now enjoy more regular webinar trainings with input from top experts in the company. One of which made $70,000 in sales in one month alone. These webinar trainings will be a great opportunity to learn from a specialist who knows about monopoly and the art of drop shipping on Amazon inside out.

DS Domination is also currently offering an incentive for members. Become an Elite member or sponsor an Elite member within the next 10 days and you will get to take part in a very special upcoming webinar meeting. Therefore, if you’re not already Elite, now is the time to upgrade. Literally thousands of people have been having some huge success with Elite. The course allows you to take your drop ship business to a completely new level by harnessing other suppliers to significantly increase profit margins.

Affiliates of the company can now take advantage of some awesome new tools/resources for promoting this incredible company. Now affiliates can invite prospects to take part in webinars by using unique referral links. It’s a fact that webinars convert like crazy. Get your prospects on the webinars and you will see the sales roll in. Along with webinar links, new sales pages.

In conclusion, the new videos and changes is yet more proof of how dedicated the leaders behind this company are. They are always thinking of new ideas and ways to improve the company for the benefit of the members. Becoming a part of it, if you haven’t already, would be a smart move to make.




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