Is DS Domination Just Another One Hit Wonder Pyramid Scheme?

The Difference between DS Domination and a Pyramid Scheme SCAM!

There are some people on the net who will claim DS Domination is nothing but another pyramid scheme out to sucker in anyone and everyone it can. However, in reality, there is a big difference between a pyramid scheme and a legitimate network marketing organisation. In this post, I will be explaining the differences and I will also reveal exactly why DSD could not be further form a pyramid scheme.


For a start, a pyramid scheme usually has no real products or products with very little value. The sole purpose of a pyramid is to recruit new distributors (also known as affiliates) in order to keep the cash flow coming in. Distributors are usually reeled in with promises of high and quick returns by putting in little effort.

The guys at the top make all the money while those at the bottom struggle to gain new members and tend to end up losing money. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see 98% of members losing money while the top 2% get rich of their losses.

Figures never lie and when you strip back a pyramid scheme, you will find that usually 99% of the members are actually just distributors. There are no real genuine customers who are purchasing the company’s products purely because they want them. In other words, it’s just a bunch of distributors passing money to each other. Affiliates have no real interest in the products and are only buying them so they can earn a commission by recruiting others into the scheme.

With DS Domination on the other hand, they have more customers than distributors and I’m not talking about customers who are only buying the products in order to earn commission, I’m talking about genuine customers who are buying the products because they want to use the training. Customers that have not even activated the affiliate side and have no interest in doing so.

That’s one of the biggest red flags of a pyramid scheme, members are forced to buy the products in order to become affiliates. The reason for this being is because the company knows that the products have very little value and they also know that nobody would actually buy the product if it never had a compensation plan attached to it. The majority of the internal cash flow is coming from distributors signing up and not the sale of products and any revenue that is coming from the products is purely because distributors are being forced to buy them in order to earn.

With DS Domination, in no way are you required to purchase the products in order to be an affiliate and in no way are you required to be an affiliate in order to buy the products. You can be either just a customer by buying the products or just an affiliate or even both. As mentioned before, the majority of DSD members are purely customers. I know this for a fact because the majority of my team mates have not even activated the affiliate side of the business. They are quite happily earning income using the ebay drop shipping side, without ever having recruited anyone.

Furthermore, with a pyramid scheme, you are paid to recruit new distributors which is completely against the law. For example, you recruit Sally and earn a commission. Then Sally earns a commission for recruiting Dave who also joins as a distributor and so on into so many levels deep.

pyramidThis is a classic pyramid where affiliates are just signing each other up and passing money to each other without a real product even being sold.

With DS Domination, nobody gets paid for recruiting new distributors. You are paid on sales of the products only which is of course, the drop shipping training courses. If someone joins and purchases either of the courses, you earn a commission, however, if someone joins as a distributor, you don’t get anything. And remember, distributors are not required to buy the products.

In conclusion lets’ break it down a bit. A pyramid scheme:

Has no real product or a product worth very little in value

Is just a bunch of affiliates passing money to each other

Has people buying a product purely so they can earn commissions for recruiting other distributors

Forces their distributors to buy the products

Has no real customers buying the product purely because they want it

Has a really bad customer to distributor ratio – usually way more distributors than customers

Pays distributors commissions for recruiting other distributors

Promises quick or easy returns for recruiting others

Forces customers to also become distributors

The majority of members are losing money while the top 1/2% get rich of their loses

Eventually distributors struggle to recruit new distributors and the scheme collapses

Most of the revenue comes from distributors signing up

Now, DS Domination on the other hand:

Has a real product that people buy because they WANT too, not because they want to earn commissions

Does not pay distributors for recruiting other distributors

ONLY pays commission on sales of the training courses (products)

Does not force distributors to buy the products in order to earn commissions

Does not force customers to become distributors

Has more customers than distributors

Has a product that comes with REAL value

Runs on a traditional network marketing model

Has a very healthy distributor to customer ratio – more customers than distributors

Has members earning purely from the eBay side, without having recruited a single distributor or even activated the affiliate side

The majority of revenue comes from customers buying products, not distributors signing up

I myself am a customer and a distributor of the company. However, I am only at the PRO level but I still earn commissions each time I sell the ELITE training course. With a pyramid, I would need to have purchased the ELITE in order to earn commission selling it. That is not the case with DS Domination. I could sell either one of the training courses, without even being a customer and I would still earn commissions.

Why is that you wonder? Well it’s because the DSD products sell themselves. People buy them because they genuinely want access to the training, they have no interest in being an affiliate. DSD does not need to force its affiliates to buy the products, only companies with products that have little value do that because if you took away the compensation plan, no-one would buy them.

Before getting involved with any network marketing company, ask yourself two questions. Would you buy the products just because you wanted them, not because it had the compensation plan attached to it? And do you need to buy the products in order to become an affiliate and earn commissions by re-selling them or signing up other distributors?

These two questions will help you to determine whether or not a company is a pyramid scheme or not. With DS Domination, you can become an affiliate and earn commissions selling the products without ever actually buying them. Or, you could buy the products without ever having to even activate the affiliate side.

That’s the difference between legit and illegal.

I hope this post has helped clear up a few vital points for you. Those who claim DS Domination is a scam or pyramid are not actually members so there opinion really is void. They cannot possibly pass judgement or try to value a company’s products when they have never actually used them or have any knowledge on the industry at all.

Always remember that it doesn’t matter what company, opportunity or business you are involved with, there will always be sceptics, naysayer and haters. Those blogs out there that shout scam at everything are usually just piggy backing off the success of major companies and trying to gain exposure and get attention for their own blogs so they can divert you or convince you to join their own ‘’better’’ opportunity.

It really is sad.




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