My DS Domination Proof Page

Here on this page, you will find all of my ds domination proof. I will keep you updated on my journey with the company and regularly post more and more proof here as time goes by. I’m not doing this to brag or show off, I’m doing it to show you that if I (someone who never even had an ebay account before getting involved with this company) can do it, then so can YOU!

I’ve been able to go from having no knowledge on ebay selling to making daily profits and consistent sales and it’s all thanks to the training DS Domination provides. That is proof in itself that the techniques you will learn work.

You might also want to check out some of my latest posts on the blog section of this website as I continue to reveal more in depth information on my progress. Hopefully this will inspire you to take action and start building your own business with the help, support and guidance from me.

Week ONE Proof:

Before really getting stuck into the drop shipping side, I followed the advice of Roger Langille and started off by listing some items from around the house in order to build up some feedback. I recommend you do the same if it’s a brand new ebay account. After building up some feedback, I listed my first batch of items. Since then, after making some initial drop shipping sales, I decided to go down the path of opening my own ebay store as it made more sense for me being a UK seller. Opening your own store/shop is not necessary, especially if you’re in the USA because you get 50 free listings each and every month anyway. This set of ds domination proof is one week after opening my new ebay store/shop. Product names and customer ID’s have been blocked out for privacy reasons.



DS-DOMINATION-NEW-PROOF ds-domination-proof-newerWeek TWO Proof £664 ($1103) In SALES!:

It’s now been around 15 days since I opened my ebay store and things have been going incredibly well. Sales seem to just be rolling in on a daily and consistent basis. This week I decided to make a short video presentation to demonstrate my results. Enjoy!

17 Days In – £899 ($1497) In SALES!:

Some more ds domination proof on day 17 of having my shop. I currently have 114 items out of my 200 limit. I will continue to list more and more items and as always, keep you updated on my progress. It’s exciting times for me and it can be for you too! All you need to do is take action and get involved!

20 Days In – £1018 ($1697) In SALES!:

I’m now exactly 20 days into my ebay store and my sales have reached £1018 or $1697 in sales and growing daily as more and more sales flow in. I now have 136 items listed after listing another batch earlier today. I plan on listing even more later on tonight. Stay tuned and keep checking back for more ds domination proof and further updates on my progress.

Day 25 – £1367 ($2270) In SALES:

May 2014 Update – £5000 ($8440) In Sales!!

Reached Top Rated POWER SELLER Status 🙂

I’m now coming to the end of my third month of running my own eBay store and my sales have reached a whopping £5005 (around $8400) in total. Furthermore, on my most recent evaluation (April 20) eBay awarded me with the status of top rated power seller, something I am extremely proud to have achieved. It just goes to show that DS Domination really does change lives and I will be forever grateful for finding it. I am just one of many many success stories. I went from having no clue about eBay selling to a top rated power seller and it’s all thanks to Roger, Hitesh, Kevin and the revolutionary company that is DSD.




May 14thSMASHED Passed The $10,000 In Total Sales Mark

It’s now halfway through the month of May 2014 and my total eBay sales have exceeded $10,000 which is absolutely incredible. I can only image where I will be in 6 months time or even after a year. My success has been all thanks to DS Domination, Roger, Hitesh and Kevin who are the brains behind the company. With many exciting changes to come, it’s clear to me that this is still only just the very beginning.


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June Update – Over $15,000 In Sales – Video PROOF

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August Update – Hitting $25,000 In Sales


October 2014 Update – Reached $38,000 In Sales – $7175 In Last Month (September) Alone! Watch Live Video Proof Below:

I have now reached an impressive $38,998 in sales! $7175 of which was generate in last month (September) alone, Be sure to check out my latest post to read the full story.

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Note: It’s important for you to understand that DSD is in no way a ”get rich quick” scheme or magical money falls out of the sky type system. Before joining, you must be aware of the fact that it involves work and effort on your part. Just like any business, you need to be willing to put in the time needed to make a success of it. If your looking for some kind of free ride where you will ”make money” for doing nothing, then DSD certainly is not for you. Earnings/income is not ”guaranteed” as you may be the type of person who joins and does nothing. This opportunity is for serious people only, those of you who are not frightened to put in the effort.


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