DS Domination After One Year – $200 MILLION In eBay Sales

DS Domination Reaches It’s First Birthday

Over $200 MILLION In eBay Sales

DS Domination has now reached the end of it’s first year of being in business and at the recent global corporate webinar meeting, the birthday celebrations were in full swing. Both the leaders behind the company (Roger, Kevin, Hitesh) and the members (including me) are super excited to be moving into the second year. Here’s to many more profitable and successful years to come.

ds-domination-birthdayTo kick start the webinar, Hitesh revealed some impressive figures. Since launching the new DSD insights tool which allows us members to track sales and process orders directly via the back office, DSD has been able to gather some mind blowing statistic. In the last 7 days alone, DSD members have closed a whopping $5.6 million, yes, million, dollars in sales. This is not some exaggerated estimate, this is an accurate figure that has been calculated by all the listing current being tracked from eBay.

Keep in mind, not all DSD members have linked up their accounts yet so the actual final figure is ultimately much higher. Based on the data analysed, over the last year, members have generated somewhere in the region of over $200 million dollars in sales on eBay. Now if that’s not rock solid proof in itself that the training works, I don’t know what is. Over 84,000 people have set up accounts with DSD. This is real statistics, real evidence that the training works. Furthermore, these figures continue to grow at a rapid rate.

This company is like nothing else you have ever seen before. Unlike other internet business opportunities, DSD does not need to brag about it’s top affiliate earners, show off big downlines or post pictures of leaders holding fat cheques. The majority of it’s users are building profitable and successful businesses without ever having to recruit a single soul. The drop shipping isn’t just some cover up or marketing ploy to reel in new sign ups, the $200 million dollars in ebay sales is rock solid proof that average Joe’s are having success by implementing what they have learned and by harnessing the software/tools. No talk, no hype just cold hard evidence.

Another exciting update that came from the corporate webinar was the announcement of the upcoming released of yet another income boosting product. DS Domination Supremacy is a brand new tool which will allow members to set up a completely automated direct to customer email marketing campaign. An email marketing campaign that will allow members to boost sales considerably.

Imagine being able to capture your customers email addresses and sent out targeted emails to them promoting other related products. You can also set up special offers and discounts which will have customers tripping over themselves to purchase again and again. That’s exactly what supremacy will allow you to do. It has not yet been released but we can expect to see this launching very soon. I will be releasing a new post dedicated to explaining the features and benefits of supremacy so keep an eye out for it.

Also, just this week, we saw a brand new upgraded look to the DSD website being released. Sporting a stunning new green and orange logo, the new website is much more eye catching, professional looking and user friendly. It’s a website that screams simplicity. You won’t find yourself becoming quickly overwhelmed, everything is laid out for you on a plate, ready for you to tackle, step by step.

With tens of thousands of members, several new product launches, millions of dollars in sales and the first of many company events, it’s safe to say that it been a prosperous and successful first year for DS Domination. The future is bright for this young company and I’m personally looking forward to being part of the next year ahead.

If you have been looking into the company but have been hesitating, the time to get involved, if you haven’t already, is right now. With thousands upon thousands of success stories, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot succeed too. Even more so if you join under my fast track team. I have absolutely everything you need to fast track your way to success, hence the name.

From my extra information packed training room to my dedicated support, help and advice on demand. You can join with confidence in knowing that you are setting yourself up with the best team around. Simply click the button below, follow the on-screen instructions, set up your account and let’s get rocking and rolling.




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