DS Domination Unleashes Its BRAND NEW Revolutionary Genesis Product

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It's here, it's time, get excited. DS Domination has just launched its brand new Genesis product which is a training course and software package that will completely and utterly blow your mind. If you thought the whole drop shipping from Amazon to eBay concept was good, just wait until you get a load of this.

Genesis is designed to teach people how to make some serious income by buying hot selling products in bulk from reputable suppliers and re-selling them on Amazon for huge mark ups. The best part is, you’re going to be doing it using FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon). If you don't already know, the FBA program allows you to send in your products directly to Amazon and they will then store them, handle packaging, shipping and returns. How awesome is that? Amazon will literally do most of the leg work for you.


Did you know that Amazon is bigger than eBay and Walmart put together? It is a company that is growing at a rapid rate. The best part is, unlike eBay, there are far less sellers and 10x the amount of buyers, if not more. It's not uncommon to hear stories about people who have managed to generate a life changing amount of cash selling just 1, 2 or 3 products using Amazon's FBA program.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Wouldn't buying a bunch of products in bulk come with the risk of not being able to sell them, losing money and ultimately being stuck with a load of inventory? Well, that's the best part about DS Domination Genesis, it has made it so super simple and has a system designed to almost completely eliminate the risks.

The traditional way of this type of business model usually involves hunting down a cheap supplier, having items shipped overseas and attempting to re-sell them on Amazon for a profit. However, as you know, without the proper knowledge or tools, this could very easily end up being a disaster.

Well panic no more. DS Domination Genesis has four different parts to it which members can take advantage of which are all included in the one off payment price. Let's break each of them down and have a sneak peak at the value each one provides:

Genesis Traditional

In this training, you will learn how to find, order and deal with reputable/trustworthy China wholesale suppliers. However, you're not just going to be buying random items and hoping for the best. You will get access to some very powerful software/tools which will help you to determine exactly how many of the specific product has already sold on Amazon. For example, you may find a mobile phone case that can be purchased for dirt cheap in bulk then after using the software you find out that it's been selling like hot cakes, literally hundreds daily on Amazon. You know what that means? Cha-Ching!

That's not even the best part because DSD is actually going to help you to make sales. By listing your items for sale on Amazon, you're opening up the doors for drop shippers to start selling your product. However, the issue is, how can you attract drop shippers? Well that part is easy with Genesis because DSD are actually going to blast out your Amazon products to its entire member base. Just imagine how many sales you will generate when the DSD members get hold of your Amazon product and start selling it on eBay.

USA Genesis

This training will show you how to use USA based suppliers to buy products, something that nobody else is doing. You will get access to exclusive and highly reliable wholesalers and be able to take advantage of some serious discounts.

Dream Genesis

Now this part of the product is for those of you who have an innovative idea that you wish to push forward. DS Domination will actually help you to get your product idea launched into the marketplace. Rogers close contact and personal friend who is the former VP of Mattel will communicate with you and help you to determine the pricing and time frames needed to produce/make your innovative product idea on a mass scale. Now that's just priceless.

Everyone Wins Genesis

Just when you thought things could not get any better, along comes everyone wins. In this section, you will get access to a brand new, never been seen before innovative mobile/cell phone application.

Picture this. You're in Wallmart doing your weekly shopping. You see a mega sale on for a particular product. You whip out your phone and scam the barcode using the app.

The app will then automatically tell you various different must know information including how much profit can be made by selling the product on Amazon. Furthermore, it's not just Wallmart that this app will work with. Think Costco and several other giants. Whenever you see something on a ''must not miss'' sale that you think you can re-sell for profit, this app will instantly help you to determine whether it can sell and how much for.

By become a DS Domination Genesis member, you will get access to all of this revolutionary training, software and tools that some companies change 5,6,7 thousand dollars for. The primary objective of DSD with this product is to ensure they minimize if not completely eliminate the risk involved with this type of business model for the sellers.

When you gain the right knowledge and have the essential tools to make it a success, you're on your way to building a life changing income. Genesis has been in the beta testing process for a while now and it's been proven to work.

Looks like DSD has pulled out another major trick from its sleeve and it's quickly become a dominant player in the industry. There is no other company out there that has such value for money products that actually work and do what they say on the tin. Just ask the 20k+ strong members.



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