First DS Domination Event – Las Vegas Here We Come!

DS Domination Announces It’s First Company Event, Being Held In Las Vegas!!

Just a few days ago, the leadership of DS Domination announced via a live webinar the details of it’s very first company event meeting which is being held in Las Vegas. This 3 day event starting May 30th and running until June 1st is a real great opportunity for both customers and affiliates to not only meet the faces behind the company but to also meet other like minded people.


I’m sure that this ds domination event will be the first of many to come which is proof in itself that this company is serious and is here for the long haul. However, unlike other network marketing companies, this event is not just an event for affiliates, it’s also for the customers too.

As well as giving away prizes such as cars (Jaguar) and a motorbike, the webinar will be a chance for you to gain more knowledge on your business and improve your skills even more. There will be training for affiliates and also ebay, amazon and drop shipping training along with talks from leaders who are having massive success. Get inspired, motivated and start taking YOUR business to a whole new level by learning the tips, tricks and strategy’s that other members are using.

It’s exciting times for the company and this ds domination event is going to be one to remember. After just 6 hours of going live, half of the tickets were already sold out. It’s not surprising considering that the event is being held at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, a venue that is impressive to say the least.


Tickets start at just $149.00 which is extremely low compared to the amounts some other direct selling companies charge. $149 for a night packed with entertainment, fun, inspiration and more importantly training isn’t a bad deal at all.

This ds domination event is a massive step in the right direction for the company. There are people out there who believed that DSD was not a serious company and was more like one of those here today, gone tomorrow type programs.

However, Roger along with Kevin and the other leaders behind it are completely dedicated to helping people to succeed. What they have done in just 8 short months already is unbelievable, the growth rate the company has experienced has been record breaking.

The DS Domination event just goes to show how serious the company really is. With a load of exciting announcements, launches and changes to come, the event will be a great place to get all the latest information, straight from the horses mouth.

So, if you haven’t already, make sure you go to directly to snap up your tickets before they are all gone. Or, watch back over the previous live webinar which has been recorded and stored in your back office area to learn more.

It’s going to be an event to remember!

Las Vegas….here we come!


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