Win Jaguar Cars, Motorbikes, MAC PC’s and MORE with the DS Domination Bonus Contests!

Win AMAZING Prizes With The DS Domination Bonus Contests!

Not only does DS Domination have an incredible affiliate compensation plan that awards you for sharing the training platform with others but it also has an exciting leaderboard bonus contest. How would you like to win a Mac PC, an LG HD TV or even a Jaguar XF or Yamaha R6 sports motorbike?


Here’s how it works. DSD has 3 different bonus contests, these include; monthly new sales/referrals, monthly total volume and top personal overall sales. The monthly new sales/referrals is the top 5 people who managed to make the most sales/referrals in any given month. The monthly total volume is the top 5 people who’s team from levels 2-10 have generated the most sales. Finally, the top personal overall sales is the people who have had the most sales overall in the company.

How cool is that? Not only do you have a chance to build up a nice monthly residual income as an affiliate of DS Domination but you can also bag some amazing prizes. Those who hit the leaderboard and are within the top 5 for the monthly new sales/referrals or the monthly total volume have the chance to win either a MAC/PC, a 50inch HD TV, a Samsung Smart-watch or a GoPro Camera.

PC tv

As for the top personal overall sales, those 5 people will bag themselves either a Jaguar XF car, a Chevy Camaro car, Yamaha R6 Sports Bike, a awasaki Brute Force 300 ATV or even a EcoBoomer BoomTube. Now that’s impressive to say the least. Prizes will be given out live and on stage at the upcoming and very first DS Domination Event in Las Vegas!

jaguar motor-bike

What’s even more impressive is the fact that anyone can take part in these contests. All you need to do is become an affiliate of DS Domination and start telling others about their incredible training platform. What other company can offer you the chance to win some amazing prizes for simply showing others how to earn profits on ebay? None. Period.

To become an affiliate, it costs only $10 per month and as a member of the fast track team, you will get access to some top quality training put together by professional online internet marketers. Learn everything you need to know to start generating sales and working your way towards gaining one or more of those prizes.

From Facebook marketing to Youtube and even Craigslist, the training will teach you how to get the word out about DS Domination. The best part is, it’s all put together in simple to follow, step by step videos making it easy, even for the most inexperienced person to learn.

Full details on the leaderboard bonus contest and the terms can be found within your DSD back office under the affiliate > leaderboard section. Prizes may change as time goes by.

If you are not yet a member, be sure to get signed up and started today!




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