Limited Time Offer – Major Discount – DS Domination All In One Package

Limited Time Offer – The DS Dominations All In One PackageMassive Savings!

On the recent company corporate webinar meeting where DS Domination celebrated its first successful year of business, they also announced a very special promotional offer for members or potential members to take advantage of. This is a chance to get all of the top products for a seriously discounted price.

ds-domination-all-in-oneAfter being in business for a year, DSD has realised that some members skip products and jump to other levels. For example, a member may go from being a PRO member to purchasing Monopoly. Or an Elite member may skip Monopoly and purchase Genesis. Therefore, the company has decided to release this one of a kind limited time offer.

The all in one sale package allows people to purchase Monopoly, Unleashed and Genesis all in one bundle for the price of just $1995. Now considering Monopoly is $499, Genesis is $1499 and Unleashed is $249 individually, this all in one package is an extremely valuable deal. However, if that wasn’t good enough in itself, DS Domination is also offering 200 free UPC codes and 3 months free of its brand new Supremacy product.

If you don’t already know, UPC codes will come in very handy when you start getting stuck into the Monopoly training and selling on Amazon. Also, by getting 3 months of Supremacy for free, you will be able to promote multiple products to your buying customers through email marketing campaigns. If that’s not a good deal, I don’t know what is.

However, you must hurry as this offer will be running from the 7th of September for one month only. That gives you 30 days to snap up all 3 of these pure gold products for a fraction of the usual cost. It’s a nice way to kick start your journey with DS Domination. If you want to know more about how each of these work, visit the products page.

Last but in no means least, on top of all the incredible products and bonuses you get for purchasing the all in one package, you will also be able to attend a very special webinar meeting. A meeting that will reveal some insider training that you won’t want to miss out on.

For those of you who are thinking, ”but I already have Monopoly”, don’t panic because DSD will deduct your existing products from the total. Therefore, if you have Monopoly already, purchase the all in one package and get both Genesis and Unleashed for ($1995 – $499) $1496. In other words, you would get Unleashed for completely FREE as the usual cost of Genesis on its own is $1499. The same goes for each of the product levels. If you already have Genesis, you can purchase the all in one pack and the cost of Genesis will be deducted.

Again, this is a limited time offer that will only last for 30 days. Make sure you snap it up quickly as I wouldn’t count on an offer like this being available again. All of the training, resources, software and tools are there for the taking for a fraction of the cost. Click the button below to get started.





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