• DS Domination Proof Update – Over $15,000 In Sales!

    June 2014 Proof Update – Over $15,000 In Sales!

    It's now approaching the end of June 2014 so I decided to make another proof of income update post to show you my progress with the company. Things have as always, still been going incredibly well. I have now reached over $15,000 in sales and that figure continues to grow on a daily basis. Watch the video below as I show you some live proof:

    After consistently delivering great service to my customers, I am still a top rated power seller which is something I'm very proud of. However, it's something that I could not have achieved if it wasn't for DS Domination and the incredible team behind it.

    The skills I gained from following the training and the success I've had from simply putting the system into action is undeniable. As mentioned many times before, before finding DSD, I never even had my own eBay account. The eBay account I opened when I originally signed up was brand new with not one single feedback.

    This just proves in itself that even a complete newbie to the world of drop shipping and eBay selling can follow the training and achieve success by doing so. This is the only company I've ever been with where even the average Joe's earn.

    You won't find yourself desperately trying to recruit others or tearing your hair out when learning how to drive traffic to a website. It's no secret that the majority of people who turn to the internet as a way to make a source of income fail miserably. I was in the very same boat in the beginning.

    However, thanks to DS Domination, that all changed. I now have a successful business and the best part is, I don't have to rely on recruiting a ton of people to generate income. On the other hand, that doesn't mean to say that I haven’t taken advantage of the affiliate opportunity.

    Over the past several months, I have helped many struggling entrepreneurs and internet marketers to go from making 0 online to making daily sales and consistent income. It really is inspiring to see others finding success and not just myself. That's what make it all worth it for me.

    It's also the reason why I took the time to set up my extra team training room. By joining DS Domination through my team, you will get access to a heap load of extra tools and resources. You will also be able to take advantage of some simple to follow step by step trailing videos which reveal my own personal techniques for finding and selling drop ship items.

    If this opportunity sounds like something that is up your street, be sure to click the button below and get signed up and started today. I'm confident you will be glad you did. I will be here to guide you every step of the way. I never leave any team members behind. I'm committed to ensuring you get the help you deserve.

    Click here to see more income proof and to keep updated on my journey!

    Or get signed up today and let's start making this happen together!



  • DS Domination Unleashes Its BRAND NEW Revolutionary Genesis Product

    Breaking NewsDS Domination Launches DSD Genesis

    It's here, it's time, get excited. DS Domination has just launched its brand new Genesis product which is a training course and software package that will completely and utterly blow your mind. If you thought the whole drop shipping from Amazon to eBay concept was good, just wait until you get a load of this.

    Genesis is designed to teach people how to make some serious income by buying hot selling products in bulk from reputable suppliers and re-selling them on Amazon for huge mark ups. The best part is, you’re going to be doing it using FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon). If you don't already know, the FBA program allows you to send in your products directly to Amazon and they will then store them, handle packaging, shipping and returns. How awesome is that? Amazon will literally do most of the leg work for you.


    Did you know that Amazon is bigger than eBay and Walmart put together? It is a company that is growing at a rapid rate. The best part is, unlike eBay, there are far less sellers and 10x the amount of buyers, if not more. It's not uncommon to hear stories about people who have managed to generate a life changing amount of cash selling just 1, 2 or 3 products using Amazon's FBA program.

    Now I know what you’re thinking. Wouldn't buying a bunch of products in bulk come with the risk of not being able to sell them, losing money and ultimately being stuck with a load of inventory? Well, that's the best part about DS Domination Genesis, it has made it so super simple and has a system designed to almost completely eliminate the risks.

    The traditional way of this type of business model usually involves hunting down a cheap supplier, having items shipped overseas and attempting to re-sell them on Amazon for a profit. However, as you know, without the proper knowledge or tools, this could very easily end up being a disaster.

    Well panic no more. DS Domination Genesis has four different parts to it which members can take advantage of which are all included in the one off payment price. Let's break each of them down and have a sneak peak at the value each one provides:

    Genesis Traditional

    In this training, you will learn how to find, order and deal with reputable/trustworthy China wholesale suppliers. However, you're not just going to be buying random items and hoping for the best. You will get access to some very powerful software/tools which will help you to determine exactly how many of the specific product has already sold on Amazon. For example, you may find a mobile phone case that can be purchased for dirt cheap in bulk then after using the software you find out that it's been selling like hot cakes, literally hundreds daily on Amazon. You know what that means? Cha-Ching!

    That's not even the best part because DSD is actually going to help you to make sales. By listing your items for sale on Amazon, you're opening up the doors for drop shippers to start selling your product. However, the issue is, how can you attract drop shippers? Well that part is easy with Genesis because DSD are actually going to blast out your Amazon products to its entire member base. Just imagine how many sales you will generate when the DSD members get hold of your Amazon product and start selling it on eBay.

    USA Genesis

    This training will show you how to use USA based suppliers to buy products, something that nobody else is doing. You will get access to exclusive and highly reliable wholesalers and be able to take advantage of some serious discounts.

    Dream Genesis

    Now this part of the product is for those of you who have an innovative idea that you wish to push forward. DS Domination will actually help you to get your product idea launched into the marketplace. Rogers close contact and personal friend who is the former VP of Mattel will communicate with you and help you to determine the pricing and time frames needed to produce/make your innovative product idea on a mass scale. Now that's just priceless.

    Everyone Wins Genesis

    Just when you thought things could not get any better, along comes everyone wins. In this section, you will get access to a brand new, never been seen before innovative mobile/cell phone application.

    Picture this. You're in Wallmart doing your weekly shopping. You see a mega sale on for a particular product. You whip out your phone and scam the barcode using the app.

    The app will then automatically tell you various different must know information including how much profit can be made by selling the product on Amazon. Furthermore, it's not just Wallmart that this app will work with. Think Costco and several other giants. Whenever you see something on a ''must not miss'' sale that you think you can re-sell for profit, this app will instantly help you to determine whether it can sell and how much for.

    By become a DS Domination Genesis member, you will get access to all of this revolutionary training, software and tools that some companies change 5,6,7 thousand dollars for. The primary objective of DSD with this product is to ensure they minimize if not completely eliminate the risk involved with this type of business model for the sellers.

    When you gain the right knowledge and have the essential tools to make it a success, you're on your way to building a life changing income. Genesis has been in the beta testing process for a while now and it's been proven to work.

    Looks like DSD has pulled out another major trick from its sleeve and it's quickly become a dominant player in the industry. There is no other company out there that has such value for money products that actually work and do what they say on the tin. Just ask the 20k+ strong members.



  • Why Should You Join The DS Domination Fast Track Team Over Others?

    Why Join The DSD Fast Track Team?

    Some of you may be wondering why you should join the fast track team over other teams you may have stumbled across on the net. Therefore, in this post, I’m going to be explaining the benefits of joining my team and revealing why it’s one of, if not, the best around. Make sure you keep reading as you don’t want to miss out on what I have to offer you.


    First of all, when it comes to building a successful and profitable drop shipping business, having the help, support and guidance from someone who has been there, done it and got the t-shirt is essential. The last thing you want to do is join a sponsor that does not have the necessary knowledge to answer any questions or concerns you have.

    Well, I can tell you, after being involved with this business for several months now, I have enough knowledge to be able to accurately advise my team mates in the best possible way. Admittedly, I had no prior experience with selling on eBay whatsoever, however, by joining DSD and following the system, I went from not having my own account to being a top rated power seller with a total of over $11,000 in sales.

    Therefore, by becoming a member of my DS Domination team, you can be sure that you will get the best advice possible from someone who started exactly where you’re starting. Support from someone who has been on the front line and tried, tested and proven the system to work. Someone who has successfully harnessed the training to build a profitable eBay business.

    Furthermore, I’m not the type of sponsor who is going to sucker you in then leave you to figure everything out on your own. From past experiences, I know how frustrating it can be to be promised support and guidance from a sponsor, only for them to disappear of the face of the earth once you get the credit card out.

    On the fast track team, that will never happen. I have a reputation for going above and beyond to help my team mates. There is no problem, large or small, that I would not be willing to help you with. Whatever you need, I’ll be there, all the way.

    As a sponsor, I see it as my duty to ensure you are provided with absolutely everything you need to follow in my footsteps. Therefore, that’s why I put in a huge amount of time and effort to build my private DS Domination team training room. It is literally flooded with useful tips, tricks, information, resources and tools.

    If something is worth knowing about drop shipping, you can be sure to find it in the extra training room. From profit calculators to advice on dealing with customers, listing items, titling items, tracking prices/stock, getting limits raised, boosting sales, tracking listing, marking up prices and more. Here you will also find extra training videos revealing my own personal techniques for finding hot products to sell and titling items. And let’s face it, my techniques work, the proof of my sales can be found sprinkled all over this site.

    Furthermore, the fast track team training room is constantly updated with more and more info on an ongoing basis. Whenever I uncover something useful that will help you to make your drop shipping business even more profitable, I’m quick to share it with the team. I’m not one to hold back on sharing powerful resources and tools.

    And the value doesn’t stop there. If you also wanted to become an affiliate of DSD, we have a training website specifically designed to teach you how to advertise/market and promote the business. It’s a chance to learn proven online advertising methods from a collection of top dog internet marketers. The best part if, most of the methods are completely free ways of generating traffic and leads. You can be confident in knowing, as an affiliate, you will get the training and guidance you deserve. After all, we want you to succeed.

    These are just some of the main benefits you will get for joining my DS Domination team. Extra drop shipping training, proven internet marketing training and help/support on demand whenever you need it. You really will get everything you could possibly need and more. Joining an equipped team with a train load of resources to tuck into is one of the cleverest moves you can make.

    To get started, simply click the button below and after joining, a welcome email from me will follow which contains some vital getting started steps.

    See you on the other side!



  • Why DS Domination Is MORE Than Just A Training Course

    DS Domination Is Much MORE Than Just A Training Platform

    Many people mistakenly think that DS Domination is just a training platform. However, this could not be further form the truth. As a member, not only do you get access to a super simple to follow, step by step video training series but you also get access to various different must have tools/software plus ongoing training and help/advice on demand.


    The software’s that you get access to are essential tools to have when it comes to drop shipping on eBay. If you don’t already know, your listings titles are what make the difference between making one or two sales to making hundreds, if not thousands of sales. The better your titles are, the higher the listings will rank on the eBays results pages which clearly results in more exposure and sales.

    That’s why the DS Domination title builder tool is an extremely helpful feature that will help you to make the process of creating titles for your listings a walk in the park. Simply type in a keyword like Toaster for example and the tool will automatically give you targeted suggestions for your titles.

    The next incredibly useful tool is the image cropper/re-sizer. Ebay has specific requirements when it comes to adding images to your listings. For a start, they need to be a certain size. If the image is too small, eBay will not allow you to use it. Therefore, this easy to use tool is awesome for re-sizing your images in order for them to fit nicely into your listings. Not having this tool is a real pain in the butt.

    On top of that, DSD have also put together a very non complex spreadsheet which will allow you to track sales and profits easily. This is something that needs to be done, not just so you can determine how much profit you are making on a month to month basis but also for when it comes to paying your taxes.

    DSD SoftwareThe last software of the line is the Amazon Analytics scraper researching tool. This is yet another must have drop shipping asset which allows you to search for and scrape products from Amazon. Simply type in a keyword like Microwave for example and the tool will automatically go to work, scraping Amazon to find a bunch of products. It will then generate a collection of vital statistics, also know as Analytical data.

    In a user friendly display, the Amazon scraper tool will help you to determine; what price the item is, what price it used to be, how many people have purchased it and also the type of quality rating it has. This software is extremely powerful and kills a load of time by allowing you to search for and narrow down results to weave out the hot sellers that are worthwhile selling on eBay.

    Therefore, by using the suite of DS Domination tools, you can; scrape Amazon to find quality products, use the title builder to create a killer listing and harness the re-sizer to ensure images fit in perfectly. It really is the complete package and in my opinion, the tools alone are worth the measly $19.95 in itself.

    However, the value does not stop there with this company. They also hold weekly ongoing live training webinars which are each recorded and stored in your back office for future viewing. These webinars are packed full of little gold nuggets that you don’t want to miss out on. Watch over the shoulder of a titanium power seller as he shows you the most advanced and up to date techniques for finding the hot sellers.

    But wait, there is even more. Whenever you get stuck or need some help/advice, the DS Domination support team is on hand to help, every step of the way. No matter what problem you face, large or small, you can easily get the answers you seek and find a solution fast. It’s like having a team of drop shipping experts on demand and ready to help. Now that’s just priceless.

    Keep in mind, the ongoing training, software/tools and help/support are all in included with the main training course you get access to as a member. The product this company provides is literally packed full of and overflowing with value. At $19.95 for ALL of this, it really should be a no brainer decision.

    So what are you still hanging around here for?

    Get signed up and started right now!



  • Breaking News: DS Domination Announced Plans To Start Sourcing Drop Ship Products Themselves!

    Breaking News: Ds Domination To Start Sourcing Drop Ship Products Themselves!

    A shock-wave of excitement has spread throughout the community of DS Domination members like an unstoppable tsunami wave. The company has just recently announced plans to start sourcing drop shipping products themselves. Yes, you read that correctly. They are going to become the source for buying drop ship products.


    This is a massive step in the right direction for the company and yet more proof in itself that DSD is here for the long haul. Just when I thought the company could not impress me any more than it already has, they go and drop a bomb shell like this.

    By launching their own in-house product sourcing and supply, us members will be able to source products directly from inside DSD. The company has successfully established connections with some of the largest manufacturers in the world and already has deals on the table. For a manufacturer, the opportunity to release their products to a mass of drop shippers who are all ready, waiting and willing to sell them is one that cannot be missed.

    It is not yet clear how the product sourcing will fit in to the current set up or what level of members will be able to take advantage of it but one things for sure, it’s happening soon. The announcement was blasted out via email to all members earlier today on May 14th.

    What was made clear in the email is that those who are attending the upcoming DS Domination event which is being held in Las Vegas will get a first look at the in house product sourcing. Over time, it will become something that all members will get the opportunity to take advantage of I’m sure.

    This incredibly exciting announcement just goes to show that it really is still just the very beginning for this booming company which I am so proud to be a part of. I could only image what ideas and improvements they will come out with next. Although, the concept of in house product sourcing will be one that is hard to top.

    If you are not yet involved with DS Domination then the time to get off the fence and get involved is right now. No more holding back or hesitating. With the help of the fast track team, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot achieve the same levels of success as the thousands of other members (including me) have. All it takes is a little old fashioned hard work and commitment.

    So what are you still hanging around here for? Click the link below to get signed up right now!


  • SMASHED Passed The $10,000 In eBay Sales Mark Thanks To DS Domination

    Reached $10,200 In Total Sales on Ebay Using The DS Domination System

    It’s been an exciting few days for me, I have just recently smashed past the $10,000 in sales mark and it’s all thanks to DS Domination. I seriously never expected my business to grow as quickly as it did. The results have been unbelievable so far.

    Here is a screen-shot from my seller dashboard area: £6090 ($10,200) in total sales:


    Now for someone who had no clue about ebay selling and never even had their own account only a few short months ago, it just goes to show, the techniques DSD teach actually do work. It’s true! I was a complete newbie to the world of eBay selling, never-mind drop shipping. Now I’m a top rated power seller, something I struggle to get my head around myself.

    If it wasn’t for this incredible company, I would have never of been able to achieve this level of sales. It really has been a roller-coaster ride and I am extremely grateful that Roger Langille and the rest of the crew took the time to put together such an innovative training system. A system that is complete newbie friendly and covers absolutely everything there is to know about drop shipping.

    After working in the home based business arena, mostly with network marketing companies for over 5 years, I have never came across anything quite like DS Domination.

    Finally, a company where you don’t need to have advanced marketing skills or a heap load of money to achieve success. A company where the products really are the sole focus, not recruiting recruiting recruiting like so many others are.

    Stay tuned for more updated on my progress coming soon!

  • What Costs Are Involved To Start DS Domination And Drop Shipping?

    How Much Money Do You Need To Start DS Domination?

    How much money do you need to start DS Domination is a question that a lot of people have been asking me recently so I thought I would put a post together to specially tackle it. First of all, to get access to the DSD PRO training system, it really does cost only $19.95 with no other hidden costs whatsoever. Unless of course, you also wanted to become an affiliate of the company which would cost an additional $10 per month.

    costsHowever, it’s important to keep in mind that in no way are you required to become an affiliate in order to buy the products. The affiliate opportunity is optional. If you want to be able to earn commissions for introducing other to DS Domination then you can easily activate the affiliate side within your back office area but it’s not a mandatory thing.

    In fact, most of my team mates are purely customers only and have not even activated the affiliate side. But for those of you who would like to take advantage of the very lucrative compensation plan, becoming an affiliate is a smart move. Furthermore, by joining the fast track team, you will get access to various different training, tools and resources to help you to learn how to market, advertise and promote the company as an affiliate.

    The only other costs attached to starting your new drop shipping business is eBay and PayPal fees. eBay has two different types of seller fees; listing fees and final value fees. Listing fees are charged whenever you list an item for sale. However, the amount in which ebay charges for listing an item varies depending on which country you are from. The good news is that, by selling in the USA, you will be able to take advantage of 50 free buy it now listings each and every month to kick start your drop ship business. After the first 50 in any given month, it then costs around about 0.30c to list an item for sale.

    That’s why some people (including myself) decided to go down the route of starting an eBay store as it comes with so many benefits. Including; the ability to list a set number of items for sale each month for completely free and also the ability to set your listings as ”good till cancelled” which means they run forever until either someone buys the item or you cancel the listing. You can open your own shop on eBay for a low monthly fee.

    Final value fees and PayPal fees are only deducted AFTER you sell an item. You will receive training when you join DS Domination on how to calculate your profits minus the eBay final value fee and paypal processing fees before listing an item for sale. Therefore final value fees and PayPal fees are not something to worry about as by calculating the profit before listing an item, it ensures you will always make a profit when you sell an item.

    In conclusion, to get access to the DS Domination training, at the PRO level, it really does only cost a measly $19.95 per month. There are no hidden fees whatsoever. The only other cost is the $10 per month to become an affiliate of DSD, which, as mentioned before, is optional.

    The other costs you need to take into consideration are eBay listing fees. The good news is that by selling in the USA, you will be able to take advantage of those 50 free listings. Also keep in mind, you do not necessarily need to be in the USA to sell in the USA. The 50 free listings is a great opportunity for you to get your foot through the door and test out the system without stacking up a listing fee bill when still learning.

    If you prefer to list items for sale in other countries, such as the UK, there is the option to open up a shop which will come with significant discounts and many other benefits as talked about before. However, Roger does advise against opening up a shop in the beginning. It’s best to list and sell some items first before making that commitment.

    I hope this article has helped you to better understand the costs involved with DS Domination and starting your own drop shipping business. Much more detailed training, advise and tips can be found inside the program itself. Here on the fast track team, we also have extra training on running your business in the most cost effective way as possible to maximise profits.

    Don’t be put off by eBay fees, eventually you will get to the stage where you are selling so many items, the fees will not even come close to out-doing your profits. Especially when following the advise and guidance of experts in the industry.

    Stay tuned for more insightful posts!



  • 4 Months Into My DS Domination Experience – Over $8400 In Sales – It WORKS!

    DS Domination Progress Update After 4 Months In

    I’m now just coming into my fourth month of running my very own eBay store using the DS Domination training and things have just been getting better and better. I truly am grateful for stumbling across this unbelievable organisation as it really has changed my life in a way that no other program has been able to do. And I’m not the only one who can say that either. Thousands of people are finally achieving high levels of success, levels that they have only ever dreamed of before now.


    I have now hit £5005 (Around $8440) in total sales. That’s pretty impressive figures considering I had no idea about eBay selling until I found DSD. Furthermore, after my recent evaluation conducted in April, eBay have awarded me with the top rated power seller status which I truly am proud to have achieved.



    Since being awarded with the top rated power seller status, sales have started to roll in even quicker than before. Furthermore, with another upcoming raise on my selling limits, I will be able to start listing even more items for sale. I cannot stress enough how exciting it is to continue to grow your business on a month to month basis.



    DS Domination is not some get rich overnight system, however, with a little consistency and effort, you really can make some very decent profits with it indeed. Follow the system, stick to the rules and keep your customers happy, that’s the most important thing you can do.


    Stay tuned as I will continue to keep you updated with my progress. However, I recommend you seriously consider getting involved with this innovative company. The longer you continue to sit on the sidelines, the more profits you can potentially be missing out on. The first step towards reaching your goals is taking action. Nothing will change unless you take action and start making it change.


    That’s all for this post, thanks for reading!






  • Is DS Domination Just Another One Hit Wonder Pyramid Scheme?

    The Difference between DS Domination and a Pyramid Scheme SCAM!

    There are some people on the net who will claim DS Domination is nothing but another pyramid scheme out to sucker in anyone and everyone it can. However, in reality, there is a big difference between a pyramid scheme and a legitimate network marketing organisation. In this post, I will be explaining the differences and I will also reveal exactly why DSD could not be further form a pyramid scheme.


    For a start, a pyramid scheme usually has no real products or products with very little value. The sole purpose of a pyramid is to recruit new distributors (also known as affiliates) in order to keep the cash flow coming in. Distributors are usually reeled in with promises of high and quick returns by putting in little effort.

    The guys at the top make all the money while those at the bottom struggle to gain new members and tend to end up losing money. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see 98% of members losing money while the top 2% get rich of their losses.

    Figures never lie and when you strip back a pyramid scheme, you will find that usually 99% of the members are actually just distributors. There are no real genuine customers who are purchasing the company’s products purely because they want them. In other words, it’s just a bunch of distributors passing money to each other. Affiliates have no real interest in the products and are only buying them so they can earn a commission by recruiting others into the scheme.

    With DS Domination on the other hand, they have more customers than distributors and I’m not talking about customers who are only buying the products in order to earn commission, I’m talking about genuine customers who are buying the products because they want to use the training. Customers that have not even activated the affiliate side and have no interest in doing so.

    That’s one of the biggest red flags of a pyramid scheme, members are forced to buy the products in order to become affiliates. The reason for this being is because the company knows that the products have very little value and they also know that nobody would actually buy the product if it never had a compensation plan attached to it. The majority of the internal cash flow is coming from distributors signing up and not the sale of products and any revenue that is coming from the products is purely because distributors are being forced to buy them in order to earn.

    With DS Domination, in no way are you required to purchase the products in order to be an affiliate and in no way are you required to be an affiliate in order to buy the products. You can be either just a customer by buying the products or just an affiliate or even both. As mentioned before, the majority of DSD members are purely customers. I know this for a fact because the majority of my team mates have not even activated the affiliate side of the business. They are quite happily earning income using the ebay drop shipping side, without ever having recruited anyone.

    Furthermore, with a pyramid scheme, you are paid to recruit new distributors which is completely against the law. For example, you recruit Sally and earn a commission. Then Sally earns a commission for recruiting Dave who also joins as a distributor and so on into so many levels deep.

    pyramidThis is a classic pyramid where affiliates are just signing each other up and passing money to each other without a real product even being sold.

    With DS Domination, nobody gets paid for recruiting new distributors. You are paid on sales of the products only which is of course, the drop shipping training courses. If someone joins and purchases either of the courses, you earn a commission, however, if someone joins as a distributor, you don’t get anything. And remember, distributors are not required to buy the products.

    In conclusion lets’ break it down a bit. A pyramid scheme:

    Has no real product or a product worth very little in value

    Is just a bunch of affiliates passing money to each other

    Has people buying a product purely so they can earn commissions for recruiting other distributors

    Forces their distributors to buy the products

    Has no real customers buying the product purely because they want it

    Has a really bad customer to distributor ratio – usually way more distributors than customers

    Pays distributors commissions for recruiting other distributors

    Promises quick or easy returns for recruiting others

    Forces customers to also become distributors

    The majority of members are losing money while the top 1/2% get rich of their loses

    Eventually distributors struggle to recruit new distributors and the scheme collapses

    Most of the revenue comes from distributors signing up

    Now, DS Domination on the other hand:

    Has a real product that people buy because they WANT too, not because they want to earn commissions

    Does not pay distributors for recruiting other distributors

    ONLY pays commission on sales of the training courses (products)

    Does not force distributors to buy the products in order to earn commissions

    Does not force customers to become distributors

    Has more customers than distributors

    Has a product that comes with REAL value

    Runs on a traditional network marketing model

    Has a very healthy distributor to customer ratio – more customers than distributors

    Has members earning purely from the eBay side, without having recruited a single distributor or even activated the affiliate side

    The majority of revenue comes from customers buying products, not distributors signing up

    I myself am a customer and a distributor of the company. However, I am only at the PRO level but I still earn commissions each time I sell the ELITE training course. With a pyramid, I would need to have purchased the ELITE in order to earn commission selling it. That is not the case with DS Domination. I could sell either one of the training courses, without even being a customer and I would still earn commissions.

    Why is that you wonder? Well it’s because the DSD products sell themselves. People buy them because they genuinely want access to the training, they have no interest in being an affiliate. DSD does not need to force its affiliates to buy the products, only companies with products that have little value do that because if you took away the compensation plan, no-one would buy them.

    Before getting involved with any network marketing company, ask yourself two questions. Would you buy the products just because you wanted them, not because it had the compensation plan attached to it? And do you need to buy the products in order to become an affiliate and earn commissions by re-selling them or signing up other distributors?

    These two questions will help you to determine whether or not a company is a pyramid scheme or not. With DS Domination, you can become an affiliate and earn commissions selling the products without ever actually buying them. Or, you could buy the products without ever having to even activate the affiliate side.

    That’s the difference between legit and illegal.

    I hope this post has helped clear up a few vital points for you. Those who claim DS Domination is a scam or pyramid are not actually members so there opinion really is void. They cannot possibly pass judgement or try to value a company’s products when they have never actually used them or have any knowledge on the industry at all.

    Always remember that it doesn’t matter what company, opportunity or business you are involved with, there will always be sceptics, naysayer and haters. Those blogs out there that shout scam at everything are usually just piggy backing off the success of major companies and trying to gain exposure and get attention for their own blogs so they can divert you or convince you to join their own ‘’better’’ opportunity.

    It really is sad.




  • Peak Inside DS Domination Elite – Sky Rocket Your Profit Margins!

    DS Domination Elite Review – Take Your Business To A Whole New Level!

    When it comes to taking your drop shipping business to a whole new level, DS Domination Elite is exactly what you need. It’s no secret that the PRO training modules and the techniques revealed inside it really do work, many people, including myself are living proof of this. However, PRO was designed to get members through the door, used to the system and making profits as quickly as possible.

    ds-domination-elite-trainingElite on the other hand, which is the next level of membership provides much more advanced training designed to help members increase their profit margins from $5 – $15 an item to $30, $40, $70 or even $100 an item. Most people start with PRO, make some profits then upgrade to Elite later on down the line when they are ready to start making the big bucks and feel more confident/knowledgeable in what they are doing.

     If you’re one of those people who thought DSD was solely focussed on the Amazon to eBay technique then you can think again. That’s just the very beginning. Yes, earning a $15 profit when you sell an item is awesome but just imagine how exciting it would be to pocket $50 or more from one single sale.

    DS Domination Elite will teach you how to start harnessing other suppliers (around 8 in total) aside from Amazon in order to get quality products for much cheaper and therefore, sky rocket those profit margins. From wholesale clubs to using other well known retailers, this course covers it all. As a member, you get over the shoulder training from Roger and the gang which will show you how to start taking advantage of selling high ticket items. Items that will allow you to earn a much higher profit.

    Not only that but by tapping into other suppliers, it will also allow you to start selling on both Amazon and eBay. When I said the Elite training was designed to take your business to a whole new level, I wasn’t kidding. The techniques you learn from within this course truly are mind blowing to say the very least. How awesome would it be to have income streams coming in from both Amazon and eBay?

    On top of that, as a DS Domination Elite member, you will get access to some very powerful software tools that will help you to grow your business faster and run it much more efficiently/smoother than ever before. Tools that will make the process of drop shipping even easier than it already is.

    This includes a proprietary scraping software tool that crawls ebay and other sites searching for profitable products to sell automatically for you. Type in a few keywords and in the push of a mouse button, the software will pull up a list of items displaying the exact amount they are currently selling for and the exact amount you can buy them for. How incredible is that? No more spending hours of your valuable time searching manually for good items to sell, this tool does it all for you.

    Furthermore, DS Domination Elite also comes with the ultimate sales, price and stock tracker tool. We all know that as a drop shipper, it’s a real pain when items run out of stock, especially after you have sold them. Or even worse, when an item increases in price resulting in you making a loss instead of a profit.

    Well fear no more because with this new price and stock tracker tool, you will be able to completely eliminate that problem for your business. Imagine being able to get instantly notified whenever an item runs out of stock or increases in price. That’s exactly what this tool can do, along with many other cool things. Track all of your listings and make sure you never run into the issue of prices increasing or stock running out ever again.

    Check out this video as Roger shows you a quick demo of how the tracker works:

    In conclusion, DS Domination Elite will not only help you to eliminate the most common problems drop shippers face with it’s innovative software tools but it will also teach you how to start using other suppliers to boost those profit margins by considerable amounts.

    There is no denying that PRO has helped change thousands of lives by teaching people how to build up a decent amount of income, earning small but steady profits. But, when you are ready to start playing with the big boys and making some unbelievable profit margins, Elite is the place to be.

    Considering that most people make a minimum of $30 profit per item with Elite, with a price tag of just $99 monthly, it’s more than worth it. In fact, there have been many testimonials from members who have made in excess of $70 in profit on one single item using the techniques this course taught them. Selling just one item a day would put you on track for some very decent income indeed.

    Snap up DS Domination Elite today! Don’t wait for another second!