• Find Wholesale Drop Shipping Suppliers & Products Using DSW Direct

    drop shipping suppliersDrop shipping, aka product sourcing is a highly profitable business model when it’s implemented in the correct way. By not having to store stock or purchase inventory upfront, it gives literally anyone the ability to start their own ecommerce business with very little cash, if not no cash at all.

    You don’t need any special skills, college degrees or top secret talents to make it work.

    In fact, you could launch your very own eBay store or website without having a single product of your own. You also won’t find yourself worrying about the postage and packaging side of things. The drop shipping suppliers handles all of that.

    You simple focus on the most important part, counting those cold hard, well deserved profits.

    However, when it comes to starting your new found business, one of the first hurdles you’ll face is finding a reliable and legitimate drop shipping supplier to source the juicy goods from. After all, no products means no business. Working with a supplier that has a broad range of items to select from, a quick delivery service and fairly reasonable prices is essential.

    Unfortunately, finding one that ticks all the correct boxes is an admittedly difficult quest.

    Thankfully, in this article, I’m going to be pointing you in the direction of a website which you can use to get immediate and free access to a vast range of products and a huge network of legitimate drop shipping suppliers.

    It’s time to kick start your business and get that ball rolling quicker than superman can change into his super cool suit.

    You really are just a few clicks away from starting your own ecommerce business that will generate you profits for the long term.

    Don’t quit on me yet and make sure you keep reading!

    You can also put that credit card away because this won’t cost you a single cent.

    Even though it may sound like it, this isn’t a sales pitch, it’s just the passionate words of a guy full of excitement and on the verge of exploding if he doesn’t share.

    Introducing……DSW Direct

    Originally started as a drop shipping supplier and wholesaler, DSW Direct quickly transformed into a marketplace and has now become what I would say is the number one location for finding drop shipping suppliers and products to sell.

    The main reason why it’s become such a top dog in the industry is because their marketplace has been specifically tailored towards drop shipping and business to business trading. It’s a bit like eBay but just for finding goods to source.

    Aside from having their own huge range of wholesale products, all of which are eligible to be drop shipped, the company also has a network of third party suppliers who sell their wholesale goods through the platform.

    It’s completely free to join and membership will grant you access to the marketplace. You can instantly start finding and trading with drop shipping suppliers.

    How it works is simple:

    • Join as a buyer for free
    • Choose products from the marketplace and list them on eBay or elsewhere
    • When a customer purchases something, they will pay you directly
    • You then go and buy the item through DSW Direct, keeping the profit of course
    • The item is sent right to your customer


    What makes this company different from other websites or those dreaded and outdated directories is that all trading is done through the platform. You can source goods from multiple different suppliers without ever leaving the one primary website.

    This also comes with the benefit of a humongous range to choose from. No matter what type of products you want to sell, you will find drop shipping suppliers that specialise in them. Pet supplies, you got it. Electronics, no problem. Kitchen tools, sure thing!

    Furthermore, it also means that your location is no issue. The suppliers are from all over the world. Wherever you want to sell, you will find suppliers that ship to or are located there. Talk about a sweet set up.

    The best bit is yet to come.

    Most of the products on the marketplace, particularly DSW Directs own line are wholesale goods with unbelievably low profit generating prices attached to them.

    The products are delivered to customers in unbranded and plain packaging. They also contain no receipts or paperwork. As far as your customer is concerned, the item was personally packaged and shipped by you or your company.

    Suite Of MUST Have Tools

    One of the other awesome things about this website is its innovative suite of must have tools that you can use to grow your business and run it smoothly.

    Their extremely useful price and stock tracking system will ensure that you don’t end up selling a product that has ran out of stock or raised in price. There is nothing worse than having to cancel an order or mark down a loss because the product you sold has raised in price. This leads to all sorts of headaches.

    Profit calculators, gift options and the ability to add your own promotional materials inside the packages are some of the other fantastic features this company has put in place.

    Feature Overview:

    • Price & Stock Tracker
    • Profit Calculators
    • Gift & Promotions Option

    Oh and did I mention the most exciting part? It’s FREE to join. Yes, FREE.

    Unlike those directories that charge membership fees before you’re even able to access the suppliers or see the products on offer, you can join DSW Direct for free and start selling the goods and trading with the most legit drop shipping suppliers right away.

    No strings attached. No hidden fees. No games.

    Therefore, you can put that credit card away! Maybe save the cash for investing in advertising to gain sales.

    In conclusion, if you’re serious about building a drop ship business, DSW Direct is the website to do it with.

    Don’t hang around here for another unnecessary second.

    Visit the website now.

  • NEW – DS Domination eBay Proof Video – £24k ($38k) in Sales and Growing RAPIDLY!

    NEW DS Domination eBay Proof£24,235

    ($38,998) in sales – HUGE Growth

    It’s been a while since I posted a ds domination ebay proof update, therefore, I thought I’d do one today to show you that things are going strong for me and for the company. In fact, my sales have continued to grow each and every month since very first starting the business. I have now reached a whopping £24,235 ($38,998) in total sales. If you had told me 6 months ago that I would be close to making $10,000 in sales in one month alone, I’d say you were crazy.


    This time last year, a previous business of mine turned into a nightmare and let’s just say, I lost everything. I found myself down to my last fiver, jobless and hopeless. However, I never gave up on the dream of making money online and that’s when I discovered DS Domination. Initially, admittedly, I was sceptical.

    I though that the whole drop shipping thing was likely just a ploy to get people to sign up and the chances are, it probably never work or if it did, it would make me very little money. However, I decided that it was worth risking the $20 and I gave it a shot. Boy am I glad I did, I was totally wrong, it has honestly changed my entire life. I’m now so proud and grateful to be part of such an amazing company.

    Anyway, enough yapping about me, let’s break down the figures a little and get to the ds domination ebay proof I’m about to show you. Watch the video below for live proof of my sales plus an overview of how they have grown on a month to month basis.

    So there you have it, my sales have and will continue to grow on a monthly basis. DSD is the real deal. The drop shipping side of the business actually works and I’m not the only one who has found success with it, there are literally thousands of us. A part of me still cannot believe the amount of sales I’ve made and I can only image what the numbers will be like in 3, 6 or 12 months time. To recap, here is a breakdown of what was covered in the video:

    April – £2017 ($3245) in sales

    May – £2413 ($3883) in sales

    June – £2555 ($4100) in sales – There wasn’t much of a jump between May-June sales because I had so much going on at the time and found it hard to get time to list items for sale. However, the main point is that it still grew!

    July – £3373 ($5427) in sales – I was back on track by July 🙂

    August – £3976 ($6398) in sales

    Last month (September) – £4459 ($7175)

    This months target (October) is to reach $10,000 in sales, I just recently got quite a large raise on my selling limits so I’m confident I can achieve that figure. All of this success is thanks to DS Domination and the skills it has taught me. I will be forever grateful.

    I have still got suck a long way to go with the company. PRO is just the very beginning. I have just recently started getting into the selling on Amazon side, something that I’m extremely excited about. I will keep you posted on that. The point is, drop shipping from Amazon is just the very start, DSD is so much more than that, it’s a real opportunity, a real business with real customers and real success stories, I’m extremely passionate about it, as you can probably tell haha.

    In conclusion, that is my complete breakdown of my sales, the most detailed and revealing ds domination ebay proof of income video I have made so far. If you’re not yet involved with the company I would have to consider you mad. If a guy, who never even had his own ebay account can go from nothing 0 in sales to over $7000 in sales per month then anyone can. All it takes is a little good old fashioned hard work.

    Get signed up and started right now today! I’m here to help, guide, support and advice you all of the way.



    Please Note: You can see from my proof of income video that this isn’t some get rich quick scheme. It takes hard work and time to build up your account and start earning some decent money on ebay using drop shipping. Money isn’t just going to start falling out of the sky and in no way are earnings guaranteed. The income proof video is just to demonstrate what is possible by following the training. It’s not going to happen overnight. You will get all of the training and tools you need to become successful but it’s up to you to put the techniques into action and stay consistent.

  • Limited Time Offer – Major Discount – DS Domination All In One Package

    Limited Time Offer – The DS Dominations All In One PackageMassive Savings!

    On the recent company corporate webinar meeting where DS Domination celebrated its first successful year of business, they also announced a very special promotional offer for members or potential members to take advantage of. This is a chance to get all of the top products for a seriously discounted price.

    ds-domination-all-in-oneAfter being in business for a year, DSD has realised that some members skip products and jump to other levels. For example, a member may go from being a PRO member to purchasing Monopoly. Or an Elite member may skip Monopoly and purchase Genesis. Therefore, the company has decided to release this one of a kind limited time offer.

    The all in one sale package allows people to purchase Monopoly, Unleashed and Genesis all in one bundle for the price of just $1995. Now considering Monopoly is $499, Genesis is $1499 and Unleashed is $249 individually, this all in one package is an extremely valuable deal. However, if that wasn’t good enough in itself, DS Domination is also offering 200 free UPC codes and 3 months free of its brand new Supremacy product.

    If you don’t already know, UPC codes will come in very handy when you start getting stuck into the Monopoly training and selling on Amazon. Also, by getting 3 months of Supremacy for free, you will be able to promote multiple products to your buying customers through email marketing campaigns. If that’s not a good deal, I don’t know what is.

    However, you must hurry as this offer will be running from the 7th of September for one month only. That gives you 30 days to snap up all 3 of these pure gold products for a fraction of the usual cost. It’s a nice way to kick start your journey with DS Domination. If you want to know more about how each of these work, visit the products page.

    Last but in no means least, on top of all the incredible products and bonuses you get for purchasing the all in one package, you will also be able to attend a very special webinar meeting. A meeting that will reveal some insider training that you won’t want to miss out on.

    For those of you who are thinking, ”but I already have Monopoly”, don’t panic because DSD will deduct your existing products from the total. Therefore, if you have Monopoly already, purchase the all in one package and get both Genesis and Unleashed for ($1995 – $499) $1496. In other words, you would get Unleashed for completely FREE as the usual cost of Genesis on its own is $1499. The same goes for each of the product levels. If you already have Genesis, you can purchase the all in one pack and the cost of Genesis will be deducted.

    Again, this is a limited time offer that will only last for 30 days. Make sure you snap it up quickly as I wouldn’t count on an offer like this being available again. All of the training, resources, software and tools are there for the taking for a fraction of the cost. Click the button below to get started.





  • DS Domination Releasing Brand New Income Boosting Product – Supremacy

    DS Domination To Launch Hot New Supremacy Product – Boost Your Sales With Email Marketing.

    Get ready. DS Domination has announced that the launch of it’s brand new Supremacy product is fast approaching. Just when you thought things could not get any better, they go and create yet another must have income boosting product. This brand new tool will allow members to set up completely automated direct to customer email marketing campaigns. Wow.

    ds-domination-supremacyIt’s no secret that e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay make a huge bulk of profits from email marketing. Well, now it’s your turn. Imagine the power of being able to directly promote extra follow up products to your eBay buyers. That’s exactly what Supremacy will allow you to do. I’m sure you have already heard of the saying ”the money is in the list” and that’s because it’s true. It’s been said that a list can be worth as much as $1 per person. Therefore, if you had a list of 10,000 buying customers, it could be worth $10,000.

    With Supremacy, you simply enter your eBay items ID and when that product sells, the tool will automatically send out messages to the buyer on autopilot on your behalf. Having the ability to market related products to your buying customers on an ongoing basis is very powerful stuff. Your sales will potentially sky rocket and your other listings will gain much more exposure.

    DSD Supremacy will allow you to send automated emails out to your customers, promoting other relevant and related products. You can set up special offers, discounts and coupon codes which will have your customers tripping over themselves to purchase products from you again and again.

    A few years ago, I worked for a big well known electric goods retailer. As a sales agent, I quickly learned how important add on products were for the profitability of the company. For example, when a customer buys a $500 TV, the company may only make a 10% ($50) profit. However, by encouraging customers to buy add ons, it would increase those profit margins considerably. For example, if the customer then wanted to buy a $50 HDMI cable to connect their new TV to a blue ray player, the company may make $20 or more, a whopping 40% profit margin. That’s how important and profitable add on products can be.

    DS Domination Supremacy allows you to take full advantage of that proven concept by directly marketing items to your buying customers. For example, let’s say you sell a computer tablet on eBay. You could then promote a funky tablet case/holder to them through email. Or, if you sell a set of dumbbells, you could promote weight lifting gloves to them.

    Your email campaign can be set up in just a few clicks of the mouse button. The emails are branded to your business and any responses will be forwarded direct to your inbox. Another awesome feature is the ability to set a timer for seasonal or time specific items. For example, a soon to be mom may buy a new born baby bottle feeding kit from you. Using DSD Supermacy, you can set up a timed email campaign so that 8 months down the line, you can start marketing additional products like baby toys to that customer.

    There are many different ways you can harness the power of Supremacy to boost sales and ultimately earn more profits. You can simply promote other products your selling on eBay or if you are a genesis or monopoly member, you could direct them to your Amazon listings. Or, if you prefer, you could even become an affiliate and sell Amazon products. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to push your income even further.

    It’s a proven fact that when customers buy once, they usually buy twice. That’s why big retailers always have add on products like insurance for example. They also often have bundle offers such as; buy 2 and get something for free. You can set up your email campaign in a way that offers your customers deals that they simply cannot turn down.

    DS Domination Supremacy is going to allow you to take your e commence business to a whole new level. A level which will boost your sales and help you to build up a repeat customer base. Now that’s exciting stuff to say the least.

    I guess the real question is, how much is this going to cost, right? Well, the leaders behind the company (Roger, Hitesh and Kevin) thought long and hard about this. They originally came up with a price of $50 per month, however, due to their goal of trying to make it affordable to everyone, they then came to the conclusion of $34.95 per month.

    However, to kick start this new product, they are offering a very special deal for Elite members. If you’re Elite, you will get exclusive first access to this product on the 15th of September when it launches for the ridiculously low price of just $14.95 per month. Yes, you read that correctly, less than 15 bucks. I think it’s safe to say that the extra income this product will generate you makes it well and truly worth the price tag. In fact, just one or two sales and you could easily make that money back.

    However, this offer for Elite members is only available until the 30th of September. From then on after, all members will get access to Supremacy for $34.95 which is still a very affordable, fair and decent price tag. Just think of how powerful the tool will be. The possibility of what you can market and sell to your buyers are endless.

    In conclusion, DS Domination Supremacy has not only sent a shock wave of excitement through current member base but it’s also going to rock the e commerce and drop shipping community forever. A completely automated email marketing system that will allow you to market products to a list of super responsive buyers, now that’s impressive stuff. I don’t know about you but I personally cannot wait until this innovative product launches. Extra sales, here I come.

    So if you are not yet involved with this company, ask yourself one question, are you crazy? With a proven to work training system and a variety of tools that helps you to build an efficient and profitable eBay business, you would have to be crazy to miss out on the action.

    Get started right now by clicking the button below. Taking action is the first step towards securing your future.




  • DS Domination After One Year – $200 MILLION In eBay Sales

    DS Domination Reaches It’s First Birthday

    Over $200 MILLION In eBay Sales

    DS Domination has now reached the end of it’s first year of being in business and at the recent global corporate webinar meeting, the birthday celebrations were in full swing. Both the leaders behind the company (Roger, Kevin, Hitesh) and the members (including me) are super excited to be moving into the second year. Here’s to many more profitable and successful years to come.

    ds-domination-birthdayTo kick start the webinar, Hitesh revealed some impressive figures. Since launching the new DSD insights tool which allows us members to track sales and process orders directly via the back office, DSD has been able to gather some mind blowing statistic. In the last 7 days alone, DSD members have closed a whopping $5.6 million, yes, million, dollars in sales. This is not some exaggerated estimate, this is an accurate figure that has been calculated by all the listing current being tracked from eBay.

    Keep in mind, not all DSD members have linked up their accounts yet so the actual final figure is ultimately much higher. Based on the data analysed, over the last year, members have generated somewhere in the region of over $200 million dollars in sales on eBay. Now if that’s not rock solid proof in itself that the training works, I don’t know what is. Over 84,000 people have set up accounts with DSD. This is real statistics, real evidence that the training works. Furthermore, these figures continue to grow at a rapid rate.

    This company is like nothing else you have ever seen before. Unlike other internet business opportunities, DSD does not need to brag about it’s top affiliate earners, show off big downlines or post pictures of leaders holding fat cheques. The majority of it’s users are building profitable and successful businesses without ever having to recruit a single soul. The drop shipping isn’t just some cover up or marketing ploy to reel in new sign ups, the $200 million dollars in ebay sales is rock solid proof that average Joe’s are having success by implementing what they have learned and by harnessing the software/tools. No talk, no hype just cold hard evidence.

    Another exciting update that came from the corporate webinar was the announcement of the upcoming released of yet another income boosting product. DS Domination Supremacy is a brand new tool which will allow members to set up a completely automated direct to customer email marketing campaign. An email marketing campaign that will allow members to boost sales considerably.

    Imagine being able to capture your customers email addresses and sent out targeted emails to them promoting other related products. You can also set up special offers and discounts which will have customers tripping over themselves to purchase again and again. That’s exactly what supremacy will allow you to do. It has not yet been released but we can expect to see this launching very soon. I will be releasing a new post dedicated to explaining the features and benefits of supremacy so keep an eye out for it.

    Also, just this week, we saw a brand new upgraded look to the DSD website being released. Sporting a stunning new green and orange logo, the new website is much more eye catching, professional looking and user friendly. It’s a website that screams simplicity. You won’t find yourself becoming quickly overwhelmed, everything is laid out for you on a plate, ready for you to tackle, step by step.

    With tens of thousands of members, several new product launches, millions of dollars in sales and the first of many company events, it’s safe to say that it been a prosperous and successful first year for DS Domination. The future is bright for this young company and I’m personally looking forward to being part of the next year ahead.

    If you have been looking into the company but have been hesitating, the time to get involved, if you haven’t already, is right now. With thousands upon thousands of success stories, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot succeed too. Even more so if you join under my fast track team. I have absolutely everything you need to fast track your way to success, hence the name.

    From my extra information packed training room to my dedicated support, help and advice on demand. You can join with confidence in knowing that you are setting yourself up with the best team around. Simply click the button below, follow the on-screen instructions, set up your account and let’s get rocking and rolling.




  • My DS Domination Journey – Hitting $25,000 In Sales!

    DS Domination Proof + Progress Update – FAST Approaching $25,000!!

    The last time I released a DS Domination proof and progress update, I was at the $15,000 in sales mark. Now, halfway into August, things have been, as usually, getting better and better. I am quickly approaching the $25,000 mark which is still mind blowing, even to me. Just take a look at this screenshot from my eBay back office:

    ds-domination-ebays-proofsWhen I very first discovered this company, I admittedly underestimated its true potential. I came to the conclusion that it would either go one of two ways; end up in disaster or become a huge success. However, after seeing the massive out pouring of testimonials from average Joe’s who were finding success with it, I decided it would be worth the risk considering it was only $19.95 to get started. I spend more than that on ordering a pizza at the weekend so if it did end in disaster, I felt safe in knowing that I wouldn’t be that much out of pocket.

    Now, on this present day, I can honestly say, with my hand on my heart that I’m extremely grateful to have found the DS Domination. It has seriously changed my life and I will be forever grateful to Roger, Hitesh and Kevin (the owners behind it).

    Before finding the company, I had been involved with network marketing for a while. However, I quickly got fed up of seeing so many people joining, failing then quitting when they struggled to make any money. I wanted to be in the business of helping people, not reeling them in only for them to lose hope and ultimately money. You see, the problem with network marketing is, most people cannot recruit and they inevitably quit. Even those people who follow the system and put in hours and hours of hard work still seem to struggle.

    I learned that with network marketing, 1 or 2 percent of the people make staggering amounts of money while the remaining 98% lose money or make next to nothing. Just when I was about to completely give up on the concept of network marketing, I stumbled across DS Domination when a friend shared it with me via Facebook.

    I instantly knew that there was something different about this company. For a start, it wasn’t all about recruiting. It wasn’t your traditional ‘’recruit 2 and they get 2’’ and so on.  In fact, in the presentation video I watched, the compensation plan/affiliate side of the business wasn’t even mentioned.

    Instead, DS Domination was selling a product that people actually wanted to buy. A product that you could actually use to make money. A product that teaches you how to build a business using drop shipping. Something I had known about but was certainly no expert on. I saw the potential and gave it a shot.

    I don’t think I was prepared for what was coming next. After going through the training, following the system and putting the techniques into action, I had reached $5000 in sales after only a few short months. Finally, I had found a program that does exactly what it says on the tin. A program that did not revolve around recruitment.

    The most exciting part about DS Domination is the fact that it really is something anyone with a little bit of passion can do. You don’t need expert marketing skills, you don’t need to bug your friends and family trying to get them to join and you certainly don’t need to fork out money buying products you don’t even need or want.

    Now I’m up to $25,000 in sales and that figure continues to grow on a daily basis. The best part is, my journey is still only just getting started. With other more advanced courses still to get stuck into, my income will sky rocket over the next few months.

    I’m not telling you all this to brag or show off. I’m telling you this to show you what’s possible. I’m telling you this because I’m living proof that an average guy, who never even had his own ebay account, can build a successful drop ship business by using DS Domination.

    You only get one shot in life. One chance to make a difference. Do what I did, take that risk and never look back. You will be glad you did.

    Stay tuned for more updated on my progress with DSD or join me on the road to success.



  • DS Domination Releases NEW Training Videos

    DS Domination Releases NEW Updated Training Videos – Urgent News

    If you didn’t already know, eBay is rolling out some new changes this month that will affect all sellers. This includes upgrades to their selling standards and the release of a new hassle free returns feature. Therefore, just this week, DS Domination completely revamped both their PRO and Elite training courses by changing all the videos. The brand new training videos/tutorials are much more streamlined and up to date but more importantly, they fit in better with the upcoming eBay changes.


    Furthermore, to make the program more internationally friendly, the corporate team has been working closely with leaders from around the world setting up training videos specifically designed for international sellers. From the Uk to Canada and Australia, now DSD is able to offer much more accurate training for international members. Those videos are currently in development and will be released at some point this weekend.

    On August the 20th, eBay will be launching its new hassle free returns feature. This feature is designed to make the process of customer returns even soother than it already is. In the click of a mouse button, the customer can automatically generate a return label. As a drop shipper, the problem with this is, if you’re selling in the USA when you’re based in the UK, the last thing you want is to be hit with the postage return costs when a customer sends an item from the US back to the UK.

    When a customer initiates a hassle free return, you will have to choose from a few options which include; allowing the customer to keep the item, paying the return postage or uploading your own return label. The good news is that you can simply upload the Amazon return label so as the customer can return the item directly to Amazon, with no cost to you. When the eBay changes come into place, DSD will be sharing a training video which will show you how to deal with any hassle free returns.

    The company is constantly on top of things, releasing new changes/updates when necessary. It’s another reason why become a member is essential if you want to be a successful drop shipper. Having the backing and support of experts is priceless. Some other awesome new changes are also coming.

    Monopoly members can now enjoy more regular webinar trainings with input from top experts in the company. One of which made $70,000 in sales in one month alone. These webinar trainings will be a great opportunity to learn from a specialist who knows about monopoly and the art of drop shipping on Amazon inside out.

    DS Domination is also currently offering an incentive for members. Become an Elite member or sponsor an Elite member within the next 10 days and you will get to take part in a very special upcoming webinar meeting. Therefore, if you’re not already Elite, now is the time to upgrade. Literally thousands of people have been having some huge success with Elite. The course allows you to take your drop ship business to a completely new level by harnessing other suppliers to significantly increase profit margins.

    Affiliates of the company can now take advantage of some awesome new tools/resources for promoting this incredible company. Now affiliates can invite prospects to take part in webinars by using unique referral links. It’s a fact that webinars convert like crazy. Get your prospects on the webinars and you will see the sales roll in. Along with webinar links, new sales pages.

    In conclusion, the new videos and changes is yet more proof of how dedicated the leaders behind this company are. They are always thinking of new ideas and ways to improve the company for the benefit of the members. Becoming a part of it, if you haven’t already, would be a smart move to make.




  • DS Domination Unleashes It’s Listing Intergration/Price + Stock Tracking Management Tool!

    DS Domination Launches It's BRAND NEW Listing Integration/Price + Stock Tracking Management Tool

    The time has come. I can hardy contain my excitement. DS Domination has released it's brand new listing integration/price + stock tracking management software system. This tool is going to completely eliminate the issue of items changing in price or running out of stock and help members to maximise their profits and minimize any loses. Quite frankly, I feel sorry for the drop shippers who don't have this tool as it gives those of us who do have it, a massive competitive advantage.


    If you didn't already know, Amazon changes it's prices on a frequent and consistent basis. Items also regularly run out of stock. As a drop shipper, this can be a real pain in the neck as the last thing you want to do is sell an item that has raised significantly in price or ran out of stock. This can lead to losses stacking up or even worse, negative feedbacks. It's always disheartening to sell an item only to find out that it has raised in price or went out of stock on Amazon.

    Thankfully, with the launch of this new listing price + stock tracking management tool, that problem has just been well and truly annihilated. In a few clicks of the mouse button, you can connect your DS Domination account up to your eBay account. You can then import all of your active eBay listings into your price management tool area.

    From there, you can set the minimum amount of profit you would like to make for each of your items. This can be done in either a % on $ format. Once set, the software will then automatically, on your behalf, monitor the price and stock quanitity of the item on Amazon. If the item raises in price, the software will then automatically change the price of your eBay listing. All of the selling fees and sales tax calculations will be done in the background. All you need to do is set your desired minimum profit and the tool will take care of the rest. Or if one of the Amazon items run out of stock, the software will automatically end/take down your eBay listing preventing you from selling an item you cannot have shipped.

    What's even more exciting about this tool is that, if you're an Elite member, you can also monitor the price of other suppliers aside from Amazon. Therefore, if you are drop shipping from other suppliers using the techniques learned inside DSD Elite for example, you also no longer need to worry about price changes or stock running out.

    How awesome is that? Just image how much time, effort and money this little must have price/stock tracking tool will save you. It is an absolute essential for running a profitable drop ship business. When you get to the stage where you have thousands of items listed for sale, this new tool is going to be a massive help in ensuring you always make a profit on sales. Furthermore, it will also ensure you never sell an item that runs out of stock and you don't even need to lift a finger. Now that's powerful stuff. It's putting your entire stock/price monitoring efforts literally on auto-pilot. There is no other tool like it.

    But how much extra will this new listing/price management tool cost you ask? Absolutely nothing. Yes, you read that correctly. Each and every member will get access to this tool, even the most basic $19.95 PRO users. There will be no extra of hidden charges. Furthermore, this is in addition to the DS Domination insights system which was launched only a short time ago.

    When this incredible company first launched, they had one goal in mind, to be the leader in the world of drop shipping. One things for sure, they certainly got the name right because us members are going to completely dominate eBay more so than ever thanks to this powerful, innovative and ground breaking price/stock tracking tool.

    If you're a member, make sure you login to your back office, watch the new training video and get testing out the price management tool right away. Or if you are still sitting on the fence debating whether or not to get involved, now is the time to take action and make it happen. You will be glad you did.

    Also keep in mind, by joining the fast track team, you will get access to a mountain of EXTRA training, resources, information and guides. Plus, I'm here, as your sponsor to help, support, guide and advice you each and every step of the way. Click here to learn more about what my team can offer you.

    Don't hesitate any longer, let's make it happen together!




  • 5 Reasons Why Drop Shipping Is So Profitable

    5 Reasons Why Drop Shipping Is So Profitable

    When it comes to running an online home based drop shipping business, it can be extremely profitable. There are many reasons for this, however, in this article I will be revealing and going over the top 5 main reasons. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea as to why it's such a great business model, especially for newbies.


    You Don't Need To Risk Your Hard Earned Cash

    The first and probably the most obvious benefit with drop shipping is the fact that you do not need to risk any of your hard earned cash. This is due to the fact that you will never actually need to buy any products upfront. You won't be buying in bulk from online wholesalers and praying that you will be able to re-sell enough product to earn a profit. In fact, you will only ever buy after an item sells.

    You Don't Need To Package And Post Items

    Another reason why drop shipping is so powerful is because you don't actually need to do any of the packaging and posting. Not only does posting items cost money but it also takes up a lot of valuable time. Time that you could have spent focusing on making sales or listing items for sale. Furthermore, items come in all different shapes and sizes and it can be difficult to tell how much it would actually cost to post a particular item. Postage charges can quickly start eating up your profits.

    You Don't Need To Build A Website Or Drive Traffic

    Unlike 99% of online home based businesses, with drop shipping, you don't need to have your own website, nor do you need to spend a ton of money on paid advertising or learning how to drive traffic/sales. Thanks to the power of the internet and the help of websites like eBay and Amazon, it's relatively easy to find customers who want your products.

    You Will Make MUCH Bigger Profit Margins

    By eliminating the need to buy a load of product in bulk and by also eliminating the need to pay for postage, you will maximize your profit margins. Just image how difficult it would be to manage a business when you have to buy products and re-sell them while also handling packaging and postage. This type of business model comes with a million different headaches and challenges. What happens if you fall ill? Who is going to do the daily, sometimes hourly trips to the post office?

    With drop shipping, there is NO trips to the post office, ever.

    Returns Are Super Simple To Deal With

    Returns are always a pain in the neck, however, as a professional business seller, accepting returns is absolutely vital. The good news is that with drop shipping, it's much less of a hassle than it would be if you were running a traditional buy/sell business. This is because, all you need to do is have the customer ship the item back directly to your supplier. The supplier then refunds you and you refund the buyer – simple.

    In conclusion, these are my top 5 reasons why drop shipping is such a profitable business to run. However, in saying that, in no way is it a walk in the park. Without any prior experience, going it alone would be a massive mistake. There are so many things you need to know including; what suppliers to use, how to deal with customers, how to find profitable items, how to sell the items, how to deal with the returns and so on.

    That's where DS Domination comes flying in with a super hero’s cape behind it's neck. This genius program is designed to teach anyone, even the most inexperienced of people, how to drop ship the right way. It's an opportunity to learn from a professional who has been doing it for years.

    No stone is left unturned, get step by step, over the shoulder training from a top rated power seller. Furthermore, get access to some must have tools that will help ensure you run your business in the most efficient way possible.

    Be sure to check out my other posts on the main page of this website to learn more about DS Domination and what it can do for you.





  • DS Domination Launches DSD Insights – Breaking News

    DS Domination Releases DSD Insights – More POWERFUL Resources

    At the latest corporate webinar meeting, DS Domination announced the release of some incredibly awesome new features, now officially known as DSD Insights. This powerful new suite of tools is going to be extremely useful and valuable for members. Not only will it allow you to track your sales, study detailed reports and calculate profits but it will also allow you to manage your ebay business much more efficiently.

    ds-domination-insightsDSD insights has already gone live and it allows you to connect your eBay account up with your DS Domination account using a token. Then it will automatically pull all of your eBay listings and display them in your back office area. Once your accounts are linked up, you will then be able to manage the listings with ease, check sales, process orders, calculate fees and more. It just makes the entire process 10x easier. It also allows you to quickly determine vital facts about your business such as your best sellers and highest profit producing products.

    This new suite of tools is something that every member will find of use. Yet again, just when you thought things couldn't get any better, the company releases another mind blowing product that's going to allow us drop shippers to run our businesses much more smoothly.

    The best part is, no matter what level you are at, all members are going to get access to this brand new suite of tools. It doesn't matter if you are PRO, ELITE, MONOPOLY or GENESIS, everyone will be able to use DSD insights. I don't know about you but I'm super excited.

    As mentioned before, insights has already went live and can be accessed directly via your back office area. The usefulness of having all of the vital details about your ebay business, all in the one place is something that gives you a competitive advantage over other sellers. Don’t underestimate the power of knowing all of the vital facts about your own business.

    So now, by becoming a member of DS Domination, you will not only get training from a top rated power seller but you will also be provided with absolutely all the tools/software you could ever need to master the art of drop shipping. If you are not yet a part of this booming organisation, I suggest you take the step and get involved right now. It's only $19.95 to get started and the training/software you get access to is worth a lot more than that.

    Stop hesitating and take action today because I know, you will be glad you did!

    See you on the inside future ebay dominator!