3 Months Into My DS Domination Journey – Hit POWER Seller Status!!

Top Rated eBay Power Seller After 3 Months!

It’s now been almost 3 months since I opened my own eBay store and by using the skills DS Domination taught me, I have already managed to achieve the status of top rated eBay power seller. It’s been one hell of an exciting ride to say the least, my time with this company has been nothing short of amazing.


I have now generate a total of almost £4000 ($6724) in sales after selling over 144 items. The best part about it is, I have never once took a trip to the post office. All of my customers have been more than satisfied with their purchases. My feedback is currently sitting at 100% and because of my consistency in delivering top quality products in a timely fashion, eBay has awarded me with the power seller status which comes with a load of added benefits.


It also means that my listing will now display the top rated seller icon which has boosted my sales even more. Keep in mind, when I very first started with DS Domination, I opened a brand new eBay account. Now, only a few short months later, I’m a top rated power seller.


It just goes to show that with a little time, effort and patience it really is possible to earn decent income using the system. It’s also been inspiring to see so many of my team mates earning profits for themselves. Average people who have struggled to make any money online, some for years, are now finally getting the results they deserve.

This is a real business, with real customers and real profits!

Stay tuned for more updates on my progress with DS Domination!



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