SMASHED Passed The $10,000 In eBay Sales Mark Thanks To DS Domination

Reached $10,200 In Total Sales on Ebay Using The DS Domination System

It’s been an exciting few days for me, I have just recently smashed past the $10,000 in sales mark and it’s all thanks to DS Domination. I seriously never expected my business to grow as quickly as it did. The results have been unbelievable so far.

Here is a screen-shot from my seller dashboard area: £6090 ($10,200) in total sales:


Now for someone who had no clue about ebay selling and never even had their own account only a few short months ago, it just goes to show, the techniques DSD teach actually do work. It’s true! I was a complete newbie to the world of eBay selling, never-mind drop shipping. Now I’m a top rated power seller, something I struggle to get my head around myself.

If it wasn’t for this incredible company, I would have never of been able to achieve this level of sales. It really has been a roller-coaster ride and I am extremely grateful that Roger Langille and the rest of the crew took the time to put together such an innovative training system. A system that is complete newbie friendly and covers absolutely everything there is to know about drop shipping.

After working in the home based business arena, mostly with network marketing companies for over 5 years, I have never came across anything quite like DS Domination.

Finally, a company where you don’t need to have advanced marketing skills or a heap load of money to achieve success. A company where the products really are the sole focus, not recruiting recruiting recruiting like so many others are.

Stay tuned for more updated on my progress coming soon!

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