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Start Earning Income Online By Building Your Own Profitable And Successful Ebay Business With NO Stock, NO Inventory And Very Little Overheads!

DS Domination is a powerful and effective educational training platform that shows average people how to build their own online home based business using the art of drop shipping and the highly popular auction website that is eBay. Founded by eBay power seller Roger Langille who personally sold over 1.2 million dollars worth of product in just a one year period, you can be sure this company provides users with top quality, accurate, up to date and more importantly PROVEN training materials. Watch the video below as Roger shows you how it works:


The best part about DS Domination is the fact that you don’t need any special skills, you don’t need your own website, you don’t have to fork out thousands of dollars upfront buying stock/inventory and you certainly don’t need to have your own products. The training courses will show you how to build a profitable eBay business in a simple to follow, step by step fashion that is ideal for newbies to follow

ds-domination-ftWatch over the shoulder of Roger as he shows you the whole process, from A to B in a series of easy to understand training videos. From setting up a seller account to listing items and ordering from sources, he covers it all. The very same process he has been using to generate insane amounts of income using eBay for the last 10 years.

This is your chance to build a career online without having to recruit people or attempt to sell a bunch of garbage and unwanted products to your friends or family like most online ”opportunities” involve these days.

DSD Creator, Roger Langille’s 2013 Ebay Sales – Over 2.1 MILLION Dollars, In ONE Year!


DSD Explained By Titanium POWER SELLER And Company Co-Founder Roger Langille

Over the years, thousands and thousand of people have been using the power of drop shipping to earn full time incomes online. However, never before has any super seller or eBay expert revealed their secrets and committed themselves to showing others how to drop ship, the right way. DS domination is the first of it’s kind, with thousands of people already stumbling over themselves to join in such a short period of time.

ds-domination-fastHow It Works

Drop shipping allows anyone and I mean anyone to start their own home based eBay business without having to buy products/inventory/stock upfront and without risking hundreds or possibly even thousands of dollars of their hard earned cash. How cool is that?

The way in which it works is simple, you only make a purchase AFTER the item sells. Then, the source, also known as the supplier ships the product/item directly out to your customer/buyer. In other words, you only buy when the item sells on eBay. This will save you a TON of money as your not going to end up making massive losses stocking up your cupboards with unsold items.

Simply list products on eBay and when they sell, purchase them from the supplier who will then ship the item straight to your customer. You don’t need to waste time or money packaging and posting items, in fact, the products will never pass your hands. On top of that, all the items you will be selling are brand new, unopened and still in their original box. How awesome is that?


Let’s say, as an example, after a bit of searching, you stumble across a Steamless Top Quality Kettle which the supplier is selling for the price of $29.99. After a bit of researching (which you will learn how to do in the training), you discover that it’s a hot item that has been selling super fast. You decide to list the item on eBay at a mark-up price of $49.99.

Before you know it, someone has snapped up the Kettle and you have sold your very first item.

You then order the item from the supplier and input the customers home address/details. The supplier then ships the item directly out to the customer. You make a profit of around $20 minus eBay and Paypal fee’s. In turn, the customer gets the product they wanted, you make some income, the supplier sells their item and everyone’s a winner.

But what is the item doesn’t sell you ask? Well that’s the beauty of drop shipping, even if nobody buys your item, you never bought the product in the first place so your not stuck with an item that you cannot sell. Nor do you have to mess around packing products up and sending them off. A time consuming task to say the least.

However, the downside to drop shipping is that, if done the wrong way, you could end up stacking up a bunch of losses due to eBay fee’s with a ton of unhappy customers following. The good news however is that since the launch of DS Domination, many people have managed to build successful eBay businesses while avoid those crucial mistakes thanks to the detailed training that the company provides.

Put it this way would you rather go at things alone, trying and testing to figure out all the in’s and out’s by yourself or would you rather follow in the footsteps of a highly educated and successful eBay power seller who has been there, done it and got the t-shirt. A power seller that has personally been using the DS Domination system for over 10 years to live a life of luxury and to earn income that some can only ever dream of?

Avoid those crucial mistakes that most newbie drop shippers make by following proven and effective training in the form of videos. There’s a lot more to it than just listing items on eBay, let’s face it, anyone can do that. Roger will show you how to list items in a way that will attract attention and have them selling like hot cakes, over and over again.


However, DS Domination is a lot more than just that. You will learn absolutely everything there is to know about drop shipping in order to fast track your way to success. From setting up an eBay seller account to finding hot items and listing them, the courses cover it all.

This is a chance to build a real home based business that you can be proud of and shout about from the rooftops.

A business that can start generating you a long term full time income in a very short period of time. Stop wasting your time with companies that you put thousands of hours of your valuable time into while get absolutely nothing in return.

DS Domination has already been changing lives, one at a time. People who have failed to make a single cent online for years are finally experiencing the joys of success thanks to the training Roger provides. Average people with no special skills or experience are making their dreams a reality, most for the first time ever. Don’t just take my word for it, check out some of these testimonials from members, these are just some out of literally hundreds already:


See More Testimonials!


If you can copy and paste, you have what it takes to build a profitable business online using eBay. This isn’t some get rich quick scheme, money game or magically cash making system, it’s a REAL opportunity to build a REAL home based business that you can work at in the comfort of your own arm chair with nothing more than a PC and internet connection.

There are 2 different membership levels with DS Domination and 4 one time purchase products, they include:

Pro – $19.95 Monthly

As a DSD PRO member, you will get access to a top quality educational video training series/course which is designed to teach you how to build a drop shipping business on eBay by using Amazon as a supplier. It’s a chance to follow the path of a top rated titanium power seller. Pro also comes with a variety of must have tools/software including; a title builder, image cropper, amazon scraper, listing management tool and also a revolutionary/innovative price and stock management system. Click here for a full and detailed breakdown of DSD Pro.

Elite – $99 Monthly

Elite is for those of you who are ready to take your business to the next level. This training series will teach you how to harness other suppliers aside from Amazon to earn MUCH bigger profit margins. Get a sneak peak of what Elite has to offer by clicking here.

Unleashed $249 – ONE TIME

Unleashed dives more into the world of buying items from suppliers for dirt cheap and re-selling them. Get more advanced and expert training and boost your profits like never before.


Monopoly $499 – ONE TIME

Monopoly is designed to teach members how reverse the process and expand your business by using reputable suppliers to drop ship and sell items on Amazon. This course will allow you to tap into and open up yet another income stream aside from just selling on eBay.

Genesis $1499 – ONE Time

Genesis is the newest product of the line and it truly is mind blowing. Learn how to buy profitable items in bulk for cheap from reliable suppliers and re-sell them on Amazon through their FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) program. Genesis has only been around for a short while but already people have been sharing their impressive success stories. It also comes with a ton of added features, including the ability to have people actually drop ship YOUR products. More on Genesis can be found here.

Market Xtreme $199 – ONE TIME

Market Xtreme is for those of you who want to take advantage of the DSD affiliate compensation plan. Learn how to drive traffic, generate leads and produce sales. Build your own team and earn ongoing monthly residual commissions.

Many people who have started out with the PRO membership at the ridiculously low cost of just $19.95 per month have been finding massive success, including me. In fact, it’s been said that a whopping 86% of people have been making their money back in the very first month. Now ask yourself, what other company or opportunity can say that? Not very many if not none.

For more details on the various different products and membership levels, be sure to visit the products page.

After finding DS Domination and doing some research and due diligence, I was completely blown away by all the positive reviews. I instantly saw the potential but was still not completely convinced but as always, I was willing to give it a go. And man was I shocked, I started off by listing some items from around the house in order to build up some good feedback on my brand new eBay seller account. By putting the techniques I learned from the training into action, I managed to sell 5 of out of my 7 items, two of which got more than 5 bids each. All because of the way Roger showed me how to list, title and describe items in a way that attracts a ton of views and attention. Just check out the proof:



May 2014 Update – £5000 ($8440) In Sales!!

Reached Top Rated POWER SELLER Status :)


June Update – Over $15,000 In Sales – Video PROOF

August Update – Reaching $25,000 In Sales


October 2014 Update – Reached $38,998 In Sales – $7175 In Last Month (September) Alone! Watch Live Video Proof Below:

To keep updated on my journey/progress with my ebay business, visit the ds domination proof page. Here I will constantly add updates on how I’m getting on.

Most opportunities nowadays require you to recruit a ton of people in order to earn any kind of income at all. If you have been involved with a company like this, you will know how difficult that task is. Most members end up spending a bunch of time and a crap ton of money but end up getting no results whatsoever so they find themselves quitting then jumping over to the next ”big” thing.

It’s time to break that cycle. It’s time to join a program that has been proven to work. It’s time to follow the path of a leader who has literally built a career out of eBay selling and drop shipping. It’s time to start creating the future you deserve.

ebay-drop-shipHowever, the excitement with DS Domination does not stop there because they also have an extremely profitable affiliate program for those of you who do wish to build your own team. By simply introducing others to the program, you can start pocketing some very generous ongoing monthly residual commissions.

The best part about the affiliate program is that once you are able to provide proof of your earnings from drop shipping side of the opportunity, people will literally be hunting you down and begging to join you.

Many people who have never managed to recruit a single soul in their entire life are now actually finding it a breeze to do with DS Domination because finally, for the first time ever, they are actually earning and able to prove that they are earning.

We all know that the proof is in the pudding and once you show people that it works, they can’t help but get excited about it. It’s like giving candy to a baby, like a banana to a monkey, like sausages to a dog. In fact, there are already many members who have found their affiliate earnings out doing their earning from eBay. Now that’s saying something. There is massive potential.


The compensation plan is a simple one to understand but still very lucrative. DS Domination pays out a whopping 75% commission split up into 10 different levels. Your direct referrals on the first level pays out a very generous 50% commission.

For example, let’s say you decide to introduce your friend Katy and she then decides to get involved with the company and joins at the PRO level at the cost of $19.95 monthly. That would mean, you would earn $9.97 each and every month for as long as Katy remains a member.

Now, let’s say Katy then decides to upgrade to Elite at the cost of $99 monthly. Well guess what? You would also earn a 50% commission on that which would be $49.50 each and every month. The same goes if she decided to buy any of the one time purchase products, you would earn 50% commission the one time.


Furthermore, let’s Katy then decided to take advantage of the affiliate program herself and she manages to introduce her friend Kyle. Well, DS Domination pays out 10% on your level two members. That means you would earn 10% or $1.90 each and every month for Kyle is he came in at the PRO level. If he then decides to upgrade to Elite like Katy did, you would earn 10% of $99 which would be $9.90 each and every month for as long as Kyle remains a member.

This carries on and on into 10 levels deep, keep in mind that there is absolutely no limit to the amount of sales you can generate. The bigger your team is, the bigger your pay check will be, it really is that simple. Take a look at the chart below for a breakdown of the commission structure on each level:

75% Payout on DSD Products:
Level 1 – 50% [This would be where Katy is]
Level 2– 10% [This would be where Kyle is]
Level 3 – 5% [This would be Kyle’s downline members]
Level 4 – 3% [And so on….]
Level 5 – 2%
Level 6 – 1%
Level 7 – 1%
Level 8 – 1%
Level 9 – 1%
Level 10 – 1%

Now just imagine how much your income would grow by if you introduced 3, 4, 5 or 10 people to this opportunity. Then imagine what would happen is they each introduced 5, 10 or more. The possibility’s really are endless. Check out the following example below or visit the compensation plan page for a more in depth breakdown of the affiliate program.


Win INCREDIBLE Prizes With The DSD Affiliate Bonus Contests!

Not only does the DSD compensation plan pay out amazingly high affiliate commissions but it also rewards the hard workers. The affiliate leaderboard bonus contests allow members to win some incredible prizes from cars like the Jaguar XF and Chevy Camaro to Yamaha R6 Motorbikes, Mac PC’s,  and even HD LG TV’s.


How awesome is that? Win mind blowing prizes for simply introducing others to the training platform and helping them to build their own ebay business. With 3 different prize contests to take advantage of, could you be next to snap up one of them? With the fast track team marketing training, I don’t see why not!

Learn more about the ds domination bonus contest here.

So Why Should You Join The DS Domination Fast Track (My) Team You Ask?

Well first of all, when it comes to internet marketing, I know my stuff. If you want to go down the route of building your own team, I will provide you with all the training you could ever need. After working online in the home based business arena for over 5 years, I have developed various different skills. I’m an SEO search engine optimization expert who has a real talent when it comes to getting ranked on Google, Yahoo and other popular engines.

On top of that, I will be here to help, support and guide you in any way possible when it comes to building your new eBay business. I will also give you pointers, hints and tips plus reveal my techniques for finding hot products that sell. I’m always on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have and I’m committed to making sure you succeed. In fact, why not drop me an email and get in touch today via any of the methods below!

You can also visit the about me page to learn more about my story!


In summary, here’s what you will get for joining my fast track team:

  • Extra training, hints, tips and tricks on how to find hot products to sell
  • Extra step by step video training tutorials
  • Elite internet marketing coaching and training from an SEO, blogging and branding expert and other online marketing professionals with years of experience in the industry, for when or if you wish to build your own team and start introducing others to DSD to expand your earnings.
  • Access to the private fast track members only training room (details below)
  • Complete guidance and support from someone who knows what they are doing
  • Fast response time to any help with questions or concerns
  • Ongoing communications, insights and updates – you will NEVER be left on your own
  • The backing of a fast growing well resourced team
  • Much MORE!

What You Will Find Inside The Fast Track Team Training Room:

  • Training on how to find hot selling/popular products that are getting the most amount of viewers, watchers, sales and general attention on ebay by using various different powerful resources.
  • Training on how to find items that people are actually searching for on ebay. Uncover tools to find the most searched phrases on ebay.
  • EXTRA training on how to title and list your items in a way that attracts the most amount of views which in turn results in more sales.
  • More tools that will help you to find keywords related to the products your selling to increase exposure of your listings.
  • Resources for helping you calculate profit margins automatically and in seconds which saves you a TON of time and stress by eliminating the need to do it all manually.
  • Resources for tracking the prices of specific items of suppliers.
  • Advice on how to keep track of your sales and listings.
  • Tips and tricks to help you avoid the most common mistakes and make the drop shipping process even easier than it already is.
  • Important points to help you grow your business and deal with any hurdles/challenges you may face, such as returns, feedbacks or ebay limits.
  • Even more resources to help you to get to know your business, keep updated and master the ins and outs. Join in with the ds domination community, chat with other members, share ideas and experiences.
  • Internet marketing training from me and other experts on our team to help you to start building even more income with the affiliate opportunity.
  • Detailed video training on both offline and online marketing techniques including using Facebook, Youtube, Craigslist, Flyers etc to gain leads and sales.
  • Much, Much More!



So there you have it, not only will DS Domination show you how to generate profits online running your own eBay drop shipping business but it also provides you with an affiliate program that can help sky rocket your income even further.

So if your fed up of all the BS, hype and failed income opportunities, why not give DS Domination a shot? Just like me, you will be shocked at how powerful the training and system really is. After a little time and effort getting through that learning curve, you will be on your way to making what is probably your first profit online. Those payments will be flooding into your paypal account in no time.

You can either continue to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else finally find success and achieve their dreams or you can dive right in and start making it happen.

They say that we only really get two main chances in life, if you have missed one, this could be your LAST!

Are you going to let it slip you by?



Note: It’s important for you to understand that DSD is in no way a ”get rich quick” scheme or magical money falls out of the sky type system. Before joining, you must be aware of the fact that it involves work and effort on your part. Just like any business, you need to be willing to put in the time needed to make a success of it. If your looking for some kind of free ride where you will ”make money” for doing nothing, then DSD certainly is not for you. Earnings/income is not ”guaranteed” as you may be the type of person who joins and does nothing. This opportunity is for serious people only, those of you who are not frightened to put in the effort.

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  1. Sean McDonough /

    Hi Paul, just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for introducing me to DS Domination. It is an absolutely fantastic business and you have been so awesome to work with. By far the most responsive and supportive business partner I’ve ever worked with and you know how to get things done! Your skills and expertise have helped my business grow ten-fold and I can’t thank you enough! I look forward to growing our business together and making some fantastic residual income! Thanks for being there for me and for being a great leader… Keep pushing forward!

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Sean, no probs buddy, I’m glad your enjoying being a part of ds domination! It sure is a great company! Thanks for all the kind words, it means a lot. I too look forward to working with you closely in the future, it’s a pleasure having you on my team. Your such a down to earth, honest and genuine guy, I’m so glad I got the chace to work with you. Let’s continue to dominate bro!

  2. Pam /

    I like all the information here about drop shipping and DS Domination and also the way you have laid it out so it gives a complete picture. I believe your name DS DOMINATION FASTTRACK says it all. Many review sites either don’t give all the facts or they are poorly put together. Looking at DS DominationFasttrack, you seem to be genuinely interested in helping people find out about DS Domination and how it can help them learn how to make money with drop shipping. I tried the DS Domination Pro system and was in profit my first 4 days. I’m a mum of 3 with pretty basic Internet skills, and didn’t know anything about drop shipping, so if I can do it, anyone can. Thanks, Pam.

  3. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

    Hey Pam!

    Thanks, I’m glad you found the information on this site useful, I tired to tackle every angle of the company to ensure people could undertsand it’s workings better in order for them to decide whether ot not it’s right for them. I sure am, after personally having a lot of great success with the drop shipping side myself, I just HAD to start sharing it with others. Wow, what a great story, 4 days huh, well done you! It’s not uncommon to see members earning in their very first week, exciting stuff! Your right about that one Pam.

    Keep killing it!

  4. Jermaine Bailey /

    Made my first sale this week thanks to Paul and DS Domination.. I can really see this being a solid income for my future online.. Also I just got my account limit lifted on Ebay to 100 items per month so it’s time to WORK! Thanks Paul for plugging me in.

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Well done Jermaine! Way to go buddy, nice one! That’s GREAT news about your limits, excited for you! Thanks for the kind words, it’s been a pleasure working with you and I’m glad you’re a part of my fast track team.

      Here’s to a long and profitable friendship!

  5. Shannon /

    Can some please walk me trough I am interested but know one yet wants to help me get started

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Shannon, thanks for the comment. I have emailed you directly to help with any questions you may have.


  6. Austin Kin /

    I have heard so many great things about ebay and the potential for profit. This looks like a great system and I love how someone shares on how to pursue it. I also appreciate you showing us how to do ebay properly and effectively. With today’s economy this type of business opportunity is great because ebay is always needed for even the smallest items being sold.

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Austin, thanks for the comment! I’m glad you found the information useful. I’m blessed to be able to share such a great company with others. Yep, your right about that one, no item is too small to sell when profits are involved.


  7. james /

    Thank you for the inspiring article. I’ve been out of work for months with no luck at finding any work. It’s time for me to pull up my own bootstraps and start working for myself. I love the fact that you provide further training on items that selling at a higher rate, helping me make more money. I also love the detailed tracking which would show how much profit I’m making at a moments notice and the tips on how to follow shipping and lower their prices. This seems like a great way for the millions of those unemployed to take control of their own lives and make it in this country again.

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey James, no problem at all, glad you like it! Sorry to hear about you being out of work but I like the positive attitude you have! Yeah, I really am committed to helping my team mates as much as possible which is why I decided to set up the extra training. I also felt I had to share some of my personal techniques, tips and strategy’s to give them that extra advantage over other teams. Yes, you are right about that, it’s a great opportunity for those who are unemployed and struggling with bills and what not.

      Thanks for the comment!

  8. Antonios /

    Wow I am so glad I found DS Domination because its just mind blowing the amount of information and success stories posted on here. For years I have struggled with Ebay and had have many ups and downs being a seller. From having to ship, meeting time requirements and deal with troublesome buyers the list can go on and on….. Being able to offer products on drop ship makes life easier. The fact that Paul has put together a profitable program teaching/training and leading you to become a successful seller on ebay is just amazing. Thank you!

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Antonios, I too am so glad I found ds domination haha. Yes, the success stories and testimonials really are mind blowing, especially considering they are mostly from people who have never managed to earn online before. Oh really, that’s interesting. It is really hard to build an ebay business the traditional way, buying products upfront and what not. Drop shipping sure does make life a lot easier and it also makes earning profits a lot easier. Thanks for the kind words, it’s much appreciated!


  9. Debbie Boulier /

    I’ve heard about making money on Ebay but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. I also thought it would be pretty confusing but after reading the blog and also the comments it looks straight forward. I believe I’m going to give it a try. DS Domination looks like the way to go.

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Debbie, I’ve heard that quite a lot recently. People who look into starting an ebay business tend to get scarred off by the thought of risking a lot of money upfront buying items. Never mind the dreaded task of packaging and postage. The system ds domination teaches makes it a hell of lot easier for the average Joe to understand. That’s great news, you would be more than welcome on the team!

      I look forward to working with you!
      Thanks for commenting!

  10. Will McCaig /

    Thank you for the tips DS Domination. I really found this article helpful. I will share it with all of my friends to try and spread the word. The videos really help too.

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Will,

      No problem at all, glad you found the content useful! Ok awesome, thank would be most appreciated.


  11. Lozzie41 /

    DS Domination thank you so much! I had started an ebay account already and attempted before to make it a business but the interest dwindled. Now after reading the information here I am more confident with the tricks of the trade to help me make money and save money in other areas of ebay.
    I am now ready to sell sell sell!!! Especially now that I know what ebay shoppers are after. Easy money!

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Lozzie,

      No problem, my pleasure! Yep, I understand, I think most entrepreneurs or business enthusiasts have attempted to go down the route of starting their own ebay business at some point. I’m glad that you are more confident now and managed to take away a few hints and tips, that’s great. Haha, that’s what I like to hear! You go!


  12. Mark Allen /

    Hey Paul, thanks for sharing all this information, it’s cool to see how this business adventures develop into success stories. I was wondering if you have tried to do something similar with Amazon, as part of the program?

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Mark,

      No problem at all buddy. It sure is yes, it’s so awesome being able to watch my team mates earn profits online, usually for the very first time. Got some real great people on the team, it’s inspiring to see their commitment and consistency. Well funny you should ask that because Amazon does play a role in this drop shipping technique. I’ll email you directly to explain more.


  13. Arsuk Lama /

    Yeah this is really interesting because no prior experience is needed and the evrey newbie can learn it easily with the imitation.Even a pro is provided its good.

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Arsuk, thanks for the comment! Yes you are right about that. DSD is a company designed specifically with newbies in mind :)

  14. Jackie Driver /

    I joined DS Dominations a month ago and I am enjoying more and more everyday. I am so glad to have you Paul as my team leader. I have tried over and over to make money on the internet and failed of course. But Paul, you have really inspired me. And, I know if I ever have a question that I can come to you. The fast track team is the best all around. Paul, you have done amazing things in the training room to help your team succeed. Again, Thank you for everything.

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hi Jackie!

      I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying your journey with ds domination. Thank you so much for the kind words, it truly does mean a lot and makes it all worth it. You sure can, I will always be here to help, support and guide you in any way possible. I believe this is my duty as a sponsor. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you, your such an incredible person. I look forward to a long, exciting and fun business relationship with you.

      Thanks for the comment!

  15. Thilan /

    Thanks for sharing this information. I find this very useful. Please continue the good work,

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      No problem at all Thilan, glad you found it useful, thanks for the comment!

  16. Sandra C /

    This is such an amazing piece of information! I know people always looking for ways to make money. This program sounds so easy to get into and complete the training needed. DS Domination sounds like a great program to get involved with! Keep up the good work!

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Sandra,

      Wow, thanks for the positive words. You are right about that, people are always looking to make money and in my opinion, when it comes to online businesses, there really is no match for DSD.

      Thanks for the comment!

  17. Ash Kingsley /

    Hi Paul and thanks for sharing all this helpful information. I always wondered how so many people make their entire income on eBay and with just the tips and tricks you mentioned here, it makes so much more sense. What a wonderful opportunity as well. Once I get my affairs in order, I would definitely like to try this system. All the best!

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Ash,

      No problem, my pleasure. I’m glad that the information on my site has helped you to better understand. One thing is for sure, running an ebay business the traditional way which involves buying a load of stock upfront is becoming increasingly difficult, especially with the rising ebay fees. Drop shipping makes it so much easier to make profits.

      Ok great, I would love to have you on the team. Whenever you feel ready, you know where I am. You can either get signed up right away using any of the buttons above or contact me directly via the help page with anymore questions.

      I look forward to helping you!

  18. Gary R /

    I am happy to say that this program is top notch! I joined around 2 months ago and I have not began to put this powerhouse into action yet, but I plan to very soon. The one thing that I really love about this opportunity is that you have different levels of membership .

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Garry,

      First of all, thanks for the comment. I totally agree with your points. Yes, the other levels of membership are great for when people are ready to take things to the next level. You see, some people mistakenly thing DSD is just about amazon and ebay but it’s a lot more than that. The other membership levels go into using other suppliers and increasing those profit margins. There is even training on selling on Amazon. PRO is just the very start.

      That’s what I like to hear, start putting it into action and you will be glad you did!

  19. Amir King /

    Thanks for this website! It seems really interesting and informative. Its good your helping people make money online with ebay. We all know just how many get rich quick scams there are out there and for people to be posting back there making cold hard cash is a real eye opener, I will look into DS Domination a lot more!

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Amir,

      No problem, I’m glad you like it. Yes, your so right about that one, that’s what I love about this company so much, being able to help people to make legitimate, real and honest money online. The customers are happy, the sellers are happy and the suppliers are happy, it’s a win/win for everyone. That along with the fact that even someone with no previous experience can make it work is what makes DSD different from anything else out there..

      Ok no worries, thanks for the comment!

  20. Jennifer Merkley /

    This information is very informative. I have always wanted to give ebay a try but have always been afraid. I believe that this system is exactly what I need to get started. Thank you so much for your expertise!

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Jennifer, haha yes I know what you mean. I think everyone who has ever considered the idea of starting an online business has looked into ebay. That’s great, I’m glad to hear it!

      No problem at all, you know where I am if you have any questions!

  21. Girdhari Lal /

    I am interested, but some questions below:
    1. Does this site work outside USA like in India?
    2. does the link of ebay.com as US site will only work or other country’s site like ebay.in wil also work?
    3. payment to the source website will be directly paid or it goes through DSD?
    4. suppose a person from India place the order to you on ebay, how the the order will be executed? because there will be International shipping charges and custome duty will be a part of the order. who bears the same. when you make the listing you don’t know the rate of international shipping charge of goods.

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Girdhari,

      I emailed you directly with answers to your questions. You might also want to check out my latest post http://dsdominationfasttrack.com/ds-domination-uk as it contains info on using the DSD system to sell in other countries. You would just use the methods you learn to buy and sell using ebay.in and amazon.in the Indian sites. As for payments, customers pay you directly via ebay, there is no going through DSD.


  22. riz /

    hi there anyone from London?

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hi Riz,

      I just dropped you an email directly at the address you used to post your comment. Look forward to response,


  23. Miriam /

    Hi Paul I would really like to join but I’m unsure about the business. I came across many people stating this is a scam business and not to go along with it? the other question is I also read up that the 19.95 monthly payment only covers the training and you don’t start making money on this level is this correct!

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Miriam,

      Just like any business that gets to the stage where it is attracting a lot of attention and growing rapidly, haters and naysayers come naturally. DSD is in no means a scam, those who say it is are likely to have never even used the products so their opinion really is void. I have many people on my team who have managed to successfully use the training to gain the skills they needed to start making profits on eBay.

      I myself am living proof that the training works. Before I found DSD, I never even had my own eBay account, now I am a top rated power seller. I am not the only one either, testimonials from average Joe’s are literally flooding the net and far outweight the haters or negative opinions of those who are not even members.

      As far as not making any money with the basic $19.95 PRO level, that too is completely untrue. I myself am still only at the PRO level and as I say, I’m now a top rated power seller.

      I have emailed you directly to tackle these concerns further,

      Thanks for the comment

  24. Ambica /

    Hi There,

    I am interested in joining DS domonination. Could you please email me step by step instructions on how to join.

    Thank You,

  25. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

    Hey Ambica,

    That’s great news. I have emailed you directly with instructions on how to get started.

    I look forward to working with you and helping you to achieve your goals with the company!


  26. Mohan /

    For Joining this system DS domination does it require a website. I had around 3 since a year and did’nt earn a penny from them. So now it is cancelled. Also by the way if I get a new domain name and hosting, how do I get the targeted traffic to my site? This was one of the reason for my failure in my previous sites.


    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hi Hatti,

      In order to do the drop shipping side, no, you don't need a website. However, if you wanted to take advantage of the compensation plan then yes, having a website would be a good idea. That's a great question. We have a training website specifically designed for affiliates, it teaches you how to drive traffic/leads and sales.

      Hope this helps,


  27. Leroy /

    Hey Paul,
    I am considering joining D S Domination, Already have an Ebay account
    and know about drop shipping.

    Tell me about the affiliate program, Do you have capture pages, co-op advertising. Tell me about the Fast Track Team
    Give joining instruction

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Leroy,

      Ahh ok, that's great! Yes, we have all the tools and training you could ever need for the affiliate program. I chatted to you about it via email, just wanted to add a response so it doesn't ook as though I ignored you.


  28. ataif /

    Thanks for the information privided. The information provided is very informative and clear. There are a lot of other MLM companies where it can take time to make some income. But this seems really good way of making money on e-bay. Just wanted to know are the products provided to you to sell on e-bay if not how do you acquire them. Would also like to know the fees of joining on etc. Thank you

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hi Ataif,

      No problem at all. Thanks for the kind words. Yes, this is very true. No, DSD do not provide the products but they do teach you how to use reputable and reliable suppliers inside the training. To get started at the PRO level, it costs only $19.95 per month so it's a super low cost entry.


  29. purity /

    hello,as for someone who comes from kenya please advice me on how to go about earning in the pro level,and how to set everything the right way,i have joined under some one who is not eager to help,so i hope u do not mind asking help and looking up to you.Thank you

    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hi Purity,

      Sorry to hear that your sponsor is no longer willing to help you, that's awful. I have emailed you directly with some advice.


  30. Joy Roberson /

    Hi I have a question, I have my own business from Vollara…could I copy and paste some of my products on Amazon and ebay to have these sold? Thanks


    1. dsdmntnfsttrck / Post Author

      Hey Joy, First of all, so sorry for the delay in reply. I get a lot of spammy comments so sometimes I often miss the genuine ones. As for your question, yes, absolutely, you can, I don't see why not.


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